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6 things every person should know, but don't.


Cheers to the weekend!

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Widgets Every Blog Should Have

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Down in the dumps

Hello, My Beauties!

Today I wanted to share some personal stuff with you guys. I haven't been very active anywhere recently. I have just been so bummed out lately, I have gotten inspired but when it comes down to it. I cant get a word down or a video going. 


Why I switched to CommentLuv

Hello, My Beauties!

I recently changed my commenting system on my blog again! I m always searching for new ways to make my blog user friendly and blogger helpful! Not only do I want you to visit my blog, but I want you to leave it feeling satisfied and like you accomplished something :) 


How To Welcome Your Blog Readers

Hello, My Beauties!

Hope your having a great weekend. I have been at it again! I have made some changes to my blog and if you know me, you will know that I am going to tell you about them and how to do it yourself! Sharing is caring and I love you guys so why not! Today I want to share with the benefits of  welcoming your readers to your blog.


Blog, Comments, Views and Subscribers. Are they really that important?

Hello, My Beauties!

I am sitting here face unwashed with not an ounce of coffee, because I had to share something with you, that I feel is very important to us as bloggers. Comments! Yes we want our little nuggets of advice and our views read and and responded to, but are comments really that important to our blogs? Actually no they aren't. 

Blog, Comments, Views and Subscribers. Are they really that important?

They have no value to our blogs rank on any search engine ever, the only person they benefit in anyway is the person commenting, because they can leave a link behind if they choose to do so. What is important however is the view count or how many visits your blog gets. Think about this for a moment. How many websites are out there that get millions of views, but not a single comment?

For instance. lets look at Only after a purchase to you actually comment on this site if you choose to do so. Another big name site is, yes a lot of visits, but not as many comments.

Think about this for a second. The only people who are actually commenting on your blog post are other bloggers and they are just as busy as you are! Yes they are nice and they let me know that I am doing something right, but they aren't what I am going after. I want a high view count and subscribers.

A high view count and subscribers is what will help your blog grow more then anything else out there. 
That's where quality blog posts and helpful content come in. 

Always try to be helpful or give some type of advice in every post.
Review anything and everything within your niche.
Subscribe to other blogs, comment, etc. and if they are human they will return the favor.
Blogging is a very Karmic thing, what you give is what you receive.

So if you aren't bombarded with comments don't feel bad, look at your view count. 
Thats whats important here. And thats what gets your blog out there. The comments will come, right now just concentrate on people hearing or reading your content.

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How to get inspired as a blogger.

Hello, My Beauties!

I have been blogging for a while now and even though I haven't been blogging for a whole year yet, I feel I have learned a lot, made new friends and many times have run out of things to blog about. I have reviewed pretty much anything worth a post in my personal collection and I don't receive products that often from PR companies, so I have a lot of space in between posts where things get kinda dry around here. Once again I was inspired with you in mind and wanted to share with you how I get inspired to write a post.

As a blogger I do visit my Google Analytics pretty often and watch my real time overview. this can get pretty boring as  there are dry spells when nothing happens. What I have found out though is that my most popular post are the ones geared toward helping my fellow bloggers.

How to get inspired as a blogger.

Blog Hopping

Many times I sit and stare at my screen and ask what the hell am I going to write about today. I look over my stash, my skincare routine and discover I have been there, done that. The main way I get inspired is to go blog hopping, I have been inspired by so many bloggers, most of my posts come from their inspirations. 

I never know where or how lighting will strike, its usually where I least expect it, but I thank God It happens hehe :)

Magazine Sites.

This is where you can find out what's happening, trending or just  plain going on in the world. This is where I get a lot of ideas from, not in a copy format, but more like a response to the article or my take on the matter.
These articles are great for composing lists of trending topics.

Blog Forums.

There are many sites where you can see what other bloggers are talking about and doing on their blogs. I can't lie, I just skim other these and never really get involved in the conversations, but they can be very inspiring. I do not reply to the conversations, because my blog post will become my reply.

I do have a blog that is dedicated to more posts like this

So if your in a rut and can't get a single word typed up, go get inspired :)

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Dont give Up

Hello, My Beauties!

Today I want to touch on a subject that hits every one of us every so often, especially in the blogging community. Discouragement. It hits us when things don't go as planned, when we don't get visits,  comments or likes on our instagram photos. So today I want to tell you with a big loud voice, 


So you want to Start a Blogging

Hello, there!

Today I am going to start a series on some questions that are asked often in the blogging community.

Starting a blog is easy, it just takes a few clicks here and there, but I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you some stuff I learned through trial and error without going through the time consuming mistakes.

I do feel this subject is a lot better explained through verbal communication, so let go!

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12 Things I learned in 8 months of Blogging.

Okay, so I have been here for a while on the interwebs in the blogosphere and I think I learned some stuff, not much but enough to cover the law and call myself a blogger. Some people say I have accomplished a lot in my short time, however I feel different, like I haven't accomplished enough.

Maybe thats just me, I tend to dive into things and what to absorb every aspect of it in the shortest amount of time. I have many different passions within my life, but blogging is on a whole other level. I wanted to blog since, well a long time around 7 or 8 years ago, but life had other plans for me. So here I am all blogged out with three blogs to manage, one of which is a blog I write on when I am angry with my husband, but as you can see isn't very often. So on to this post.

12 Things I learned in 8 Months of Blogging.

1. No one in your personal life will understand why you blog.

Your family and friends will all ask " why do you blog?" and my favorite "have you made any money yet?!"
Don't do it for no one else but yourself.

2. There are people out there.

Once you find your niche you will come to find out there are a bagillion other people doing the same exact thing you're doing, so sticking out like a sore thumb helps.

3. The Beatles were right.

When they sang  "I get by with a lil help from my friends." You will make friends you never thought you would have while blogging.

4. Privacy? Whats that?

In order to make it as a blogger even a lil one like me, you have to allow people in. They don't want to be preached to by a robot. They want a real person, a person that wakes up at 12 pm and tweets Goodmorning!

5. Shy guy no fly.

You have to get involved, even if it only in online events, trending topics, talk to the weirdos of tweeter, they know people!

6. Regret or forget.

If you have an idea, write it, record it, tweet it, pin it. Just do something with it, if not someone else will.

7. Rat race.

Everyone is trying to do what you are doing, so why not help a fellow while you're on your way up.
If you learned how to do something share it.

8. Ch, Ch, Changes!

I love that song! Don't think you have to stick with one type of look on your blog, You like to change your clothes everyday right? well your blog likes to be spruced up a bit too.

9. Friendly inspirations.

In a slump? Good that means your doing something right! When you're in a slump, go blog hopping, YouTubing and you will be inspired when you least expect it, especially from blogging friends.

10. Pictures speak a thousand words.

Use your own damn pictures!

11. Watermark everything.

This is on account of number 10.

12. Take advantage of the word free.

Anything thats free and available online master it, image editors, button generators etc.

There is more but I am tired now and this laptop is burning my thighs, so I am going to make some sleep now. If you would like me to continue let me know. Good night.

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How to Host your blog Images on Blogger

Hi, there!

Today I wanted to talk to you about image hosting. Image hosting is something every blogger should be aware of. There are a few places to host your images online, like putlocker or photobucket, but they can increase load time and create lag on your blog, as well as completely fall off the face of the earth and your images are never seen from again! I like this method for hosting my navigation menu or my social media bar.

The safest and fastest way to keep your blog images are on the blog hosted site, in this case Blogger.

Host Your Images on Blogger.

Now, the first thing we are going to do is start a dummy post. This is a post that only you will see ever!
So, go into your blogger account and start a new post.

1. Insert your image by clicking the insert image button. 

2. Choose  a file from your computer.

3. Add it to the page.

I am sorry I am going through things you already know, but maybe someone else doesn't!

4. Click on the HTML button in the upper left corner.
You  should see code like this.

This is the html code of the picture you uploaded to blogger. This code is the code to the picture hosted on blogger.

So now you can put this picture in your sidebar, as your header, it can even be used as a grabber button. which will require a url.

This method will save on load time and save you from risk of the photo hosting site going down.

If I have confused you, I am truly sorry. Leave me a message down below and I will try to help :)


Share a Blog!

Hello, Beautiful!

Today I want to share a blog and a beautiful person with you. Her name is Julie and she is the most inspiring person you will ever meet. There are not enough nice things to say about her, originally she was apart of the dynamic duo 20/30 glam a aunt and niece beauty blogging team. But like all great duos, their journey has come to an end, but this did not discourage our lil trooper Julie from doing what she loves to do. She started her own blog and youtube channel under the name TheSaltLifeWife. Julies writing style is very much like an in person conversation, whether she is writing about beauty or her beloved salt life, you will enjoy her thoughts and reviews.


Happily married Wifey , almost 40 years old, trying to conceive my first child after years of infertility. I love reading, blogging, watching YouTube videos, hanging out on the beach with my hubby, snorkeling, photography, and diy projects. Follow me if you want to hear about my journey to Motherhood, weight loss struggle, diy projects, passion for trying out and experimenting with new beauty products and interior design ideas. Life is precious to me and I'm so Thankful for all I've been blessed with. Please follow me on this crazy ride we call life!

Follow Julie on Bloglovin
Visit Julie's Blog and show her some love
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Check out her YouTube channel

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Where, What and Who update

Hello, people of the interwebs.

Just a quick update  letting you know where I have been, what I have done and who I have been hangin with.

First the where.

I have been mostly home, due to car troubles so I haven't really gone anywhere except to the grocery store. And I have to admit I like smaller grocery stores better than the larger chains stores.

Second the what.

Well,I have done a lot without having a car. I ran two giveaways that went pretty decent, considering they were my first giveaways ever. I won a giveaway , but haven't recieved it yet, but I hear this product is pretty good, so I am excited about that.

I started a new segment on my Youtube channel called Beauty News Network you can read about that on I hit 300 Subbies on Youtube!  The giveaway really helped with that, but didn't get me to 300.

Third the who.

I haven't seen anyone for a while on account of the car situation. But I like being at home with my lil family.
My friend Julie started her own blog, so I have been helping her out with images and stuff, I will write a spotlight post on her blog soon on

So, thats my update I hope you found it exhilarating.

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Pissed off today!

I am so pissed off today! I want to fight and scream and yell. Everything I tried to get done today went down the drain. I tried to record some videos a review and some tags and I erased the memory card with all the footage on it! I couldn't record again, because my son was acting up and it was just a noisy day. I broke out on my face which I know isn't a reaction or hormonal, but from dust! every time I get near any kind of dust my face goes mental and I get tiny little bumps that want to eat my soul starting with my face, so its probably better I didn't post the videos because thats all I noticed while going through the footage.

I made a big mistake in setting up my filming and vanity area in our bedroom. The T.V is in the bedroom and thats where the child is! He doesn't watch much TV, but he just needs to be where it is, thats why I took it out of the living room. When he goes down for a nap my husband who is a music producer/mixer guy starts doing his thing and it gets pretty loud, so I cant film at those times either. ARGHH!! I just want my own space where I could close the door and do my thing just for a few hours.

I know this isn't very interesting, but I needed to get it out of me, there is it.

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Blog Growth Updates!

Hi, Everyone!

I am back again with another installment of my blog growth updates! Since my last update I experienced a little growth spurt and then things died down, so I made a few changes and hopefully things will pick back up again :)


I currently stand at 2,042 followers! I truly love twitter, although I have to admit I haven't been tweeting much, That's still 333 new followers since february.


I have 866 instagram followers that I interact with on the daily! There are some talented makeup artist on there. Since February I have gained 244 new followers. I have a giveaway going on here, but I am not expecting much from it as I am giving away a product that isn't well known.


I have 108 followers here, I just can't get into it. I have tried maybe its the app that I don't like. I still gained 45 followers for an app I hardly use.

Google +:

I have 285 people in my circles and 316 people have me in their circles. I stopped using G+ since I switched my commenting to Disqus. I do miss it as it helped me see the blogs I follow easier, but the app has changed for me, maybe its a setting I applied I dunno.


On the Makeup Squid Page I have 1,329 likes, 288 friends. Interwebs Chic has 59 likes.


Interwebs Chic has 255 followers I have gained 44 followers here, The Makeup Squid has 340 I gained 54 followers and the new kid on the blogging block  The Relationship Daily has 9 followers.


My Channel The Makeup Squid has 281 subbies as of right now, I am currently running a giveaway, so I expect this to grow. I have gained 75 new subbies since my last update which was in february.

I am happy with my growth, it seemed to be growing at a steady pace, then it stopped. So I have learned that you have to keep on, keepin on to keep your growth coming.

Here is the video of my giveaway.

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branding logo


I have been busy with youtube videos and re designing my beauty blog. I wanted something simple, but eye catching at the same time. I wanted a brand logo and this is what I came up with. I am in love with this logo, I wanted a circle, I feel circles are very welcoming shapes. I also added my moto and repeated it around the logo itself, with my T, M and S in the center. I added the established mark and year, over all I love it. I still kept my black and white, but found a soft pink number #ffcccc that I am in love with for a pop of color.

So what do you think?

This is the banner as a whole. I had to add the stripes because Blogger would not center it and it looked bad in a corner all alone.

I am in love!! If you need or want a tutorial on how I made this just let me know down below :)

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Camera updates

Today I wanted to talk to you all about cameras. If you run a blog or vlog you will know that your camera helps represent your blog or channel. Your photos or videos help get the message across that you mean business and you take pride in what you do.

I recently went to bestbuy to see what they have to offer, I really wanted to get out of filming my videos  with a webcam. I wanted to step up my game a bit. so I found a camera that was pretty decent and a good price under 200 dollars, filmed in HD and had a viewfinder.


Get the Best Shots with a 52x Zoom
720p HD Video Recording
One-Touch Sharing Button Lets you Quickly Upload your Videos to YouTube

The Samsung HMX-F90 Is a lightweight camera films in 720p HD, has a viewfinder and is able to take snapshots. I talked to the salesman about the options, if it had a rechargeable battery, can I record while its charging, all the usual questions and I liked my options so I said yes to the camera and walked around the store while holding the box to my new camera.

As I was walking through the Aisles, I spotted the most beautiful thing I have even seen.
The SONY NEX-5T. OMG! This this was amazing, the only thing it didn't do was juliann fries.
It had more bells and whistles than I knew what to do with. So impulsively I took that instead, mind you I was not talked into the purchase my the salesman, but my 15 year old, who said we will always have it and since she is a photography nut it was worth it. I did pay over 600 bucks for it and was kicking myself in the ass on the way home, asking myself, why did I do that? Do I really need that much camera?


16.1MP APS-C sensor
Up to 10 fps shooting
Fast Hybrid AF with phase detection
Full HD movies at 60p/60i/24p
Built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC
180° tiltable touchscreen
Up to ISO 25600
E-mount 16-50mm lens

I brought it home and immediately began playing with it, I even instagrammed it trying to get some gratification for my purchase, but the truth is I only felt worse.

I made one video with it and discovered that I am not ready for that much camera. There were features on this camera I would never use or never need to use.

So I returned it and went for the original camera I went to look at. Yes it doesn't do all those fancy things the other one did, but the price difference takes a lot of guilt off of me.

I do like the ease of the camera, the portability and the price.

DO you feel guilty after making a impulse buy? I know I do.

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The Relationship Daily

Hello beautiful!

If you follow me anywhere on the interwebs, you may have seen my posts about relationships and the like.
I am going through a separation right now and I am not sure where its going to end. What I am sure of however is that my happiness and peace of mind will be at the center of my decision.

I also looked online to try to find a blog or something pertaining to relationships and nothing that really spoke to me popped up. I wanted a site where I could hear someone's opinions on what I was going through, someone to understand and it is sad that I couldn't get that.

So I created a relationship blog, a place where I can state what's going on in my heart and mind pertaining to what I am going through and the only opinion I will have to fall back on will be yours.

 The Relationship Daily. I wrote this blog to give people hope in their decisions about their relationships and to fight stereotypes in relationships.

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