How Others See You!

So you got your makeup on and your hair is done, your pretty satisfied with the way you look, but have you ever wondered how others will see you? I am not talking about judgment, but the way they see you.

Ever do your makeup and thought is was okay or blah even, yet that day you just get compliment after compliment? And you're like what are you all seeing that I am not?
Or when you have a breakout and your friends are like we didn't notice it.

I am going to be sharing a trick my aunt taught me on how to see, what others see when they look at you.
This probably isnt even a trick maybe you all know this and I am the crazy person who thinks its real haha!

It is very simple really, to see how you look from another persons perspective and I swear it works.

Okay, Okay I will tell you!

The trick is to see a third reflection of your self. Now, I don't know why or how it works but it does!

If you are standing facing the bathroom mirror, Grab  two extra mirrors. I used a handheld beauty mirror and a large compact.

Now get one mirror to reflect the main mirror, then get the third mirror to reflect the second mirror.

I guarantee you won't see all those imperfections you notice in the main mirror.

I put together this diagram so you can get a better idea of what I am talking about.

If you're forever confused, I am truly Sorry. If not Great!
If my aunt is a crazy lady let me know!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

BBBB Blogging Advice Tips, Tricks, How to's and Other Valuable Information.

I am collaborating with my friend Shalunya from shalunyaboyet, she handles more of the technical side of blogging using Blogger as the main platform and she has some great information from Layouts to Gadgets.

Here you will find links to posts we have written on starting up a blog or a youtube channel. I feel you will find these posts very helpful in the growth of your blog and youtube channel.

We will both be adding to this list as we go so check back often. We both wish you and your blog great success! 

Shalunya offers more advice here.

We Love hearing from you so let either of us know if we have helped in anyway, if you need help in a area we have not covered please feel free to contact either of us.


Beautiful Envy Chapter 2

Beautiful Envy
Chapter 2

Upon opening her eyes and seeing the glow from the OPI's hovering over head, Sephora quickly came to herself, realizing she has fallen asleep under the stairway she was hiding under. Looking at her surroundings she noticed night had fallen and they would come looking for her.

Sephora knew she had to keep her hiding place secret incase she needed to hide again. She reached for her palette opened it and waiting for a response, nothing. She began making her way home, things looked different to her in the dark, she secretly hoped she wouldn't run into Henri Bendel.

A rumor was going around that Henri Bendel had returned to Tarte and was causing a quite a stir, with his thievery and tricky ways, Sephora thought him handsome, but never let anyone know especially Ulta who would tease her with it if she knew.

Sephora felt a rush of slime upon her leg as she stepped in a puddle of Wet N' Wild and did her best to keep moving, but she has to get the slime off as it began to itch and burn. She heard a loud thud in the distance and she knew it was time to move, picking up per pace, "just make it to the corner." she said to herself. Boom! she fell to the ground, Wet and full of slime.

Getting to her feet she noticed a body on the ground moving but unable to get itself up, talking but slurring it's words, she walked around the body not taking her eyes off it for a second. She heard the stories of what happens on this side of Tarte to young girls after dark.

As she was about to run off The body reached for her leg and dropped her a second time, this time it revealed itself from its cloaked shadow. She kicked and it rolled back over on its side. "Serves you right Estee Lauder." she said getting on her feet.
"you should have said something, anything, instead of your drunken mumbling". "Oh, its you Sephora." He said looking at her as he recognized the voice and tone coming from the small creature he knocked down.
"I thought you were Burt or one of his bees." He said looking around in his sneaky manner.

Sephora felt bad for Estee Lauder, he was once a great and proud man, who spent all his father's fortune at The Body Shop, thinking he could win Murad's Love. Murad was a Spiritual Seer and could see Estee Lauder's true heart and knew deep inside he could never truly love anyone until he loved his true self first. It was a sad story really.

Everybody in Tarte knows The Body Shop Replaces broken or worn out limbs but only through accident, illness or act of war, but not for vanity. Estee Lauder had bribed many Employees of The Body Shop in his search for the perfect body, but it would only last a day or so. The magic knows if its truly needed or not and it wasn't, so it failed over and over. And here is what is left of the great and proud Estee Lauder.

"You Come Home." Said a Loud and rocky voice from behind. Sephora closed her eyes and tilted her head back to the heavens asking "why?"

"I am coming home!" as she turned to face Smashbox the household rock giant turned body guard by Sephoras parents. She had a knack for getting into trouble.

"You Come Home." he said once again  pointing down the street towards the house.
"You grab him." Sephora said pointing at Estee Lauder. Sephora had a plan to use Estee Lauder as an excuse as to why she was out so late.

The giant picked up the drunken Estee Lauder and put him over his shoulder in one quick movement and reached for Sephora. "I can walk Smashbox." She said as she began to lead the way home.

The giant, the girl and the drunk walked down the road. Henri Bendel who watched and listened emerged from the shadows. "Orly." he said calling to his pet. "Things are going to get interesting."

Chapter 1

I hope you enjoy These stories, if you have any questions Please leave them below.
If you would like to see your favorite brand as a character let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Break outs and Cold sores!

Okay, so I got sick last week and I have a red nose to prove it! When you have a two year old that get a cold odds are mommy is always the first to become infected. Not only are you spraying everything down with lysol and and sectioning the house off between the sick and the well, you are also blowing your nose and working through the aches and pains yourself. This is no easy task ask any mom.

I never understood what makes a cold sore appear but they can be quite painful.
I got mine right on my left cupid bow and it hurt bad and still does, these can last a few weeks depends on care, I guess.

And to add to my joy, I broke out on my right side cheek, Oh boy!

I pretty much look like I lost a fight. Red nose, Break out and cold sore pretty sexy huh?

I want to show you guys what I do to cover up these ugly things and The products that help me to look like a person when I don't feel like one.

Now, This is not a Halloween costume, this is my sick face.

Notice the redness around the nose.

The small village growing on my face.

And the crater that landed on my lips.

In this picture you can see the redness around my nose is gone!

The Breakout is still there but not as pronounced.

And you really have to look to see my cold sore.

I did not apply foundation because, I just don't like putting makeup on top of a breakout, I feel it only enhances its appearance on my face.

I applied L'oreal BB cream to my face. It did the trick in hiding that sick hue from my face and hid all the redness around my nose. I truly love this product! I do use this on the regular as an everyday foundation and if I am looking for extra coverage, I do apply foundation over this for a flawless look.

I applied my go to concealer just to wake me up a bit and brighten my eyes. I love this concealer! It blends wonderfully and it quick and easy. I did set it with Coty Powder for a softer feel and look.

I used my There Real Mascara from benefit on my lashes just to define them a bit, but not go overboard. I love this mascara because it enhances my lashes and doesn't overload my lashes with product. Perfect for an everyday natural look.

To add some color to my colorless face I used a very light application of a blush from my BH cosmetics San Francisco palette on my cheeks. I love this color for everyday It adds just a touch of color for a natural I am not dead look :)

To heal my nose I applied neosporin daily to help with any scratching or chaffing from tissues, I also applied it to my cold sore to help with the healing, along with the neosporin on my lips I applied some vitamin E to speed up the healing as well.

I hope I didn't gross you out with this post.
What do you do when you're not feeling like person?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Beautiful Envy Chapter 1

Beautiful Envy
Chapter 1

There once was a young girl named Sephora. She had the fairest skin and her hair was of the blackest night.
Ulta her eldest sister wasn't to fond of her younger sibling, she found her to be quiet TooFaced.  One day as the two sisters were going through one of their regular quarrels, that was quickly getting out of hand. Ulta took a swing at her sister only missing her by inches of her outer V. Sephora saw the look in her sister's eyes, in shock she ran with her sister not far behind to Tom Ford who was standing nearby, she explained to him as much as she could, she knew Ulta wasn't far behind and asked him to call The Urban Decay Vice to protect her from any harm.

As Ulta went in search of her sister she stopped by a stream and noticed her reflection, she too was a great beauty in her own right, but alas the sisters were very different, but made the same. There has to be a way I can Benefit from my sisters beauty she thought to herself going over her Motives as to why she dislikes her sister so.

Nearby Lancome and Almay were walking holding on to a large basket that held a bottle of a Physicians Formula. Ulta knew all too well Lancome's ability to weave magic and make magical things happen. So she mustered up the courage and approached the two sisters. "Hey!, where are you two headed? she asked. "Towards Maybelline's" they replied. Ulta stopped in her tracks, as the memories of what the great and powerful Maybelline did to her hero, her mentor Covergirl.

Covergirl was a hero of ages. Maybelline was always envious of Covergirl and her two bodyguards Rimmel of London and L'oreal of Paris and how they had tortured her hero and sent her to the Clinique for days.
Snapping out of her dazed thoughts with a loud "HEY" from Lancome, Ulta Quickly returned to reality.

With a whelp she responded " Can you make me a SugarPill for me?'. Lancome staring Ulta in the eye wondering why she would ask her such a thing, everyone knows what a SugarPill can do.

"I don't have the ingredients to create such a deathly product". As she began to walk away.
"Well, what would you need?" Ulta responded.
Lancome Turned around slowly, secretly hoping Ulta would have let it end at "deathly product".
Rolling her eyes thinking Ulta wouldn't have the guts to attain the items needed.
"The BareMinerals of an ELF".

To be Continued...

Chapter 2

This is something that has been stirring in my head for a while now, I hope you like it.
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


would you rather tag!

The beautiful Lily from Beauty with Lily tagged me with the "Would You Rather Tag!".
But I feel this is more of the "Let me make you choose and break your heart just thinking about it tag!".
Hehe, Thanks Lily -_-. 

Lily has a passion for anything makeup! She loves finding great beauty products and saving money while doing it!

Lily has been a good friend and an inspiration to me since I started being TheMakeupSquid I love her strength, wisdom, beautiful smile and eyes that match! You can't go wrong with Lily. I fell in love with her at first view of her blog, She has nuggets! not the chicken kind, but they fill you up just the same. Check out my girl and show her some love, she is awesome! You can check out her blog here.

Now for this Tag!

1.) Would you rather lose all of your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks, and lip glosses or lose all of your palettes and eyeshadows?

Wow, This is a evil question! I guess, I would rather lose my palettes. But, I would cry everyday!

 2.) Would you rather chop off all your hair or never be able to cut it again?

I chop my hair all the time! :) When my hair gets to long I get bad headaches, so chop it off!

3.) Would you rather have a coral cheek or a pink cheek?

Coral! Pink doesn't go with my skin tone anyway.

4.) If you had $1000 to spend, would you rather buy clothes or makeup?

Hello!, Makeup -_-.

5.) Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner, or eyeliner as lipstick?

Eye liner as lipstick! I do use my lighter shades of eyeliner as a lipstick. Ombre anyone?

6.) Would you rather only shop at MAC or Sephora?

Sephora! I hate feeling tied down to one brand I like variety :)

7.) Would you rather only use one eyeshadow color or one lip color for the rest of your life?

One lip color! even though I have alot of lip products they are all pretty much in the same color family.

8.) Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter?

Winter in the summer, I am always cold anyway.

9.) Would you rather have dark nails or bright nails all year round?

Dark nails, brights colors don't look good on me.

10.) Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or your favorite eye product?

Wow your cutting it to the bone ain'tcha who ever wrote these questions went for the jugular. I would give up the lip product. But only if I had to.

11.) Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a ponytail or a messy bun?

Both are out of the question for me but, a messy bun :)

12.) Would you rather never be able to paint your nails again or never use lip gloss?

I don't paint my nails now, So painting my nails.

13.) Would you rather shave your eyebrows and have none at all or sharpie them in everyday?

I would do the sharpie and your my eyebrow space for advertisement, I have a big forehead, but whatever pays the bills.

14.) Would you rather live without makeup or nail polish?

Nail polish.

OMG! the interrogation is over! This tag asked questions that were heart wrenching and mean!
I love all my beauty products and I will never, ever give them up, they make me happy :)

The People I tag!

Pilar I got it right this time! :)

If you have already done this tag I am sorry.
If your are reading this and want to do this tag, Then TAG your it!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Why I wear Makeup Tag!

Okay, I have been tagged by 5 yes 5 Lovely ladies to do this tag! I love all my girls and I know if you visit their blogs you will love them too :)

This is a pretty short tag so to make it interesting by doing a Blogger spot light on those who tagged me, enjoy :).

Hope from Beauty and  Bliss! a 20 year old college student that is pursuing a career in Occupational Therapy with everything about beauty being my own type of "therapy." I love all the things the world of beauty has to offer, and I want to share that with you!

Sissi from Beauty4free2u a mommy, obviously a blogger, make-up lover, photographer, influenster, bzzagent and so much more! I am reviewing beauty items with my own quirky style, giving beauty tips from my perspective and also posting free beauty samples I find on the Internet!

Renny from Sincerely Renny A 19 year old beauty and fashion enthusiast who live in a small island country called Singapore.I started my blog on 1st May 2013 and has become an avid blogger ever since. I discuss everything about beauty, fashion and life.

Justina from Justina Who... 25 Years Old In Love With My Highschool Sweetheart Proud Mom To 2 Fur Babies Loves Fashion, Beauty Products, & DIY

Vero from VeroSays!  I'm undertaking this wonderful challenge of blogging my life. I hope you decide to stay a while and follow me in this journey.

These are some sweet, smart and good looking ladies so go check them out and tell them the Squid sent ya!
Now on to this TAG!

1. When did you begin loving makeup?
Oh, I was about 14 or 15.

2. How do you feel without makeup?
I feel like me but with better features hehe :)

3. What do you like about makeup?
I love that you can enhance what you want and hide what you don't what noticed as much.

4. Three holy grail items:

Okay now on to who I tag!

Nereida at
Alex at
Natalie at
Kim at
Sik at
Betti at
Denine at
Vanessa at
Chelsea at
Jessica at
Pillar at

Wow LMAO!! This is going to be hard to tweet hehe :)

If you have already done this tag YAY! If you haven't done this tag Let me know down below and I will add you to this list so I can check out your tag!

Was fun! until next time.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


When Disaster Strikes a Bloggers Survival Tip!

Sometimes life can throw us for a loop, we can be on track one minute then disaster strikes! You got a sick two year old and you feel it coming on yourself or the car beaks down and the whole family's schedule is turned upside down, Last minuet plans need to be made and your in the center of a whirlwind with all eyes on you asking what do we do now? STOP!

Who has time to right a post about a great hair product you found? or that new palette that your just dying to share?

Not me and this got me thinking. LOL you know whats coming right?

When Disaster Strikes!

What to do when you don't have time to post!

Now, I know I touched on the subject of writing posts in advance and you can read that here.
What I am talking about is a bit different, I am talking about a backup plan while you are in motion. Let's say you have to go out of town for a family emergency or you are surrounded by people who don't know or wont understand your blogging. What to do?

Keep things going blog side!

Create at least a weeks worth of Generic posts on hand, Now what I mean by generic is something that has nothing to do with a season or a certain time of year. NOT TAGS! Tags are your fillers between your regular posts and you should do them as soon as you can to be considerate to the person who tagged you.

A hair, manicure or even doing a from the archives post is great! You can also laugh at how silly your first posts were.

Have a guest blogger! Have a Blogging buddy write a post for your blog and send it to you via Email Then up can upload it all from your smart phone. As a blogger Spot light. These are generic timeless posts that are good no matter what time of year it is.

You can write these posts and keep them as drafts with no schedule date on them, so you can post them whenever you need them. Blogger also has an app incase your nowhere near a computer that allows you to post your drafts from your phone so that they look polished and thought out.

This will keep your blog going and keep your followers from wondering what happened to you!

What would be a few generic posts you will have on hand if disaster strikes?
Let me know down below!

Thanks for reading and have a great day :)


Sunshine Award part 2

I was tagged by Two beautiful bloggers  Micaylah at Beautiful jewel and Hope at Beauty & Bliss for the Sunshine Award! This award is given to bloggers who brighten your day and fun stuff like that. However I was already tagged for this award by 20/30 Glam you can see the post here.  Now I didn't do the post right the first time, I totally forgot about the 11 random facts!

Here are the rules for the Sunshine Award
Share 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve the recognition.
Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer, and let all of them know that they have been nominated.

You see how I did not follow that rule! So that is the portion I will do in this post and second nomination :).

1. I hate raw tomatoes.

2. I am a cheep ass I want everything to be 5 bucks.

3. Between my husband and I we have 6 kids. 4 from me and 2 from him.

4. I have a very abusive love style I squeeze and I pinch cheeks daily, have you seen his face how not!

5. I love me some Crocs, so comfy :)

6. Don't talk to me until after I have had my coffee.

7. why is there a 7? I feel violated when someone uses my phone, like I might miss something.

8. I can yell very loudly, ask my kids.

9. I don't like to clean, but I want everything cleaned.

10. The more I continue with this tag, the more weirder I sound.

11. My blog has become my baby :)

Okay so that's, that! I want to thank my lovely nominators Hope and Micaylah for nominating me and I do suggest you check these Ladies out :)

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Blog planning And how it can help!

My posts have been going the the direction of me sharing my ideas on blogging and what can be done to make blogging easier and efficient. And here we are once again, this time I am going to play a bit off of my last post "Understanding Your Beauty Blogger" which can be found here.

It has been very hard for me to Post as often as I would like. I do feel that at least 3 times a week is about right for any growing blog. This however is not including Tag posts, so 5 posts a week including 2 Tags.

Now any budding blogger knows that Social networking is key to building a blog. And as we have discussed before, it is not easy and can be very time consuming to keep up with. Not only do you have to write and design the post, you also have to let the world know you wrote it and the sooner the better.

When I get inspired, its like a wave of of hot thick chocolate that just carries me away, but I cannot post 7 posts in one day, they will get lost and may never be read. So I have to wait until the following day and the moment is gone. But This doesn't have to remain the problem.

Blogger lets you write posts and release them into the wild when ever you decide to. This can be done manually each time you decide or set a scheduled release.

Lets say you write three posts on a Sunday night when you have peace and quiet, and schedule the first to be released on Monday morning around 6 A.M, for those morning commuters, the second  to be released on Wednesday at 2 P.M for the moms waiting for kids from school and finally the Third to be released on friday at around 5 P.M for those last minute weekend plans that need a little inspiration.

All the while you're behind the scenes boosting your blog with tweets, pins, insta pics, comments and what ever else your doing to boost your blog. You could write great posts all day, but if know one knows about it, then its for naught. I always wanted to say that YAY me!

So one night a week of three posts can give you that extra time you need to do other things for your blog.

This has been difficult for me to accomplish, along with every thing else that can pop up in any given day in my life. So from now on I am going to be devoting 1 day of the week to a certain aspect of my blog. Here's what I have in mind. Note: these are examples and wont be carried out in any particular order, use what you like drop what you don't.

Sunday: Write 3 full posts ( photos, editing ,etc) Set their schedule for release. Remember if your blog is affiliated with another site E.g Lucky Mag, Glipho, etc. You will have to Release them on that day, but its just a click so not to much work.

Monday: Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+ and any other social site.

Tuesday: Blog hopping and commenting on other blogs! Always leave a link behind a thoughtful and meaningful comment.

Wednesday:  Answer all comments made on your blog.

So with just 4 days out of the week you have kept up with everything you needed to do as a active blogger without feeling overwhelmed. This can also be applied to a YouTube channel as well.

Think of a T.V Series, those are filmed months in advance and yet we can't wait for the next episode or the next season to begin.

This is just a thought in my head as to how to make all of this happen without me going nuts.
There are many free blog planners online for download and apps for smart phone that can help with planning future posts.

I hope this helps!
What are your thoughts on creating a plan similar to this?

Personal Stuff:
I am currently trying to find a space in my home to blog and Vlog without having to bounce around the house like a crazy person, I am so scattered :/.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Understanding Your Beauty Blogger

Beauty bloggers try out new makeup and beauty products, write a posts on the products and then sit there and wait for your comments. NOT!!

Many beauty bloggers don't just blog all day. Some have work, families, spouses, partners, pets and a million other things they do besides blogging. 

On average every beauty blogger has at least 8-10 blogs they themselves follow. 
That means 8-10 
posts they read and comment on every other day. 
Tweets that need to be retweeted.
Instagram pics need to be liked.
Facebook statuses need to be updated.
Emails need to be read including junk mail!
YouTube videos need to be watched and commented on.
And If you are associated with another affiliate site them double that!

These things are all needed to stay up to date in the beauty blogging community.

Not including the interruptions while doing all of this, the Kids, Pets, Husbands,Wives, Partners,  Neighbors, Family, Friends, heck even food can be a problem.

So If your beauty blogger doesn't respond right away don't fret! It's probably a sock that got stuck in the washing machine or the baby putting his toys in the heating vent. He or she hasn't forgotten about  you!

Beauty bloggers aren't fashion models with stacks of makeup products laying about. Wow that sounds amazing! Sadly that isn't the case.

They are everyday people just like you, who seem to have a passion for something they love writing about and sharing with you and the world. 

Posts take time to write, taking photos, editing photos, creating a header, deciding on a title, making sure all the links are correct, Trying to figure out how to describe the color green or the feeling of the newest face product.

For example this post has been in my head for over a week now. Going over, how should I word it? What is the message I am trying to send? What do I want it to mean to the reader? And so much more!

Beauty bloggers come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Find one or twelve that you feel connected with.
One who feels the same as you do about certain things. You don't like MAC products? Find a Beauty Blogger who doesn't use MAC. Your a drug store only makeup junkie? find a drug store Beauty Blogger.

You have to understand your beauty blogger. So the Beauty blogger can understand you and your wants, needs and expectations.  

So please be kind, be patient, be understanding to your beauty blogger. We are people too :). 

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Midnight Madness

Well, I did it again. I went to Walmart at midnight, actually its the only time I like to go, its just me and the super store. My Walmart has a horrible beauty section, but its all I got for now. So I often wait till baby is a sleep and my 15 year old  and I go to Walmart. I do get the motorized cart of course, because it the only time I get to use it. I always feel there will be an old guy that needs it more then I do to get to the pharmacy.

I think I know every section of my Walmart beauty section, I go up an down those aisles like 3 times a week. Sad, but true. So getting back to this post! I bought me some goodies I wanna share with you guys, some are favorites I needed to restock and some are new and shiny!

Oldies but Goodies!

Dr Teals Olive Oil bath and body treatment. I love this after a shower. I haven't applied lotion to my skin in over 6 years since using body oils. I apply them while still wet, I squirt a hand full and split it between my arms and one more hand full for my legs and spread it around from neck to feet. I do not rub it in, but let my skin soak it up. I stay wrapped in a towel during makeup and hair. By the time I am  done I have soaked it up. I truly love this method And I highly recommend you try it and if you do Please, let me know.

Tree Hut Shea Butter Body Scrub in Coconut Lime. This is a great product and it feels amazing! Like there are a million little scrubbing scrubbers scrubbing you down. Wow, let's say that again. Scrubbing scrubbers scrubbing. ha! The smell is phenomenal, not to coco-nutty and not to limey, just clean. I use this like three times a week. If you don't like a oily feeling you should rinse this off with a shower gel afterwards.

New and Shiny!

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder. I have never used this product before, but I have heard some awesome things about this product. This powder claims to hide fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes and softens the skin. It also claims it can be used as a foundation and not just a setting powder. I am going to be using the face powder to set my concealer under my eyes, then we shall see whats up. 

Palmers Olive Oil Formula Gro Therapy. Now I heard that Olive Oil is good for helping hair growth. I am trying to grow mine out. I am using growth shampoos and they are helping but I wanna try to boost it just a bit. I honestly cant describe the scent, but I know I like it. So I am going to try this And will let you know how it goes.

Garnier Ultra-Lift Anti-Wrinkle Firming Eye Cream. I haven't used this guy yet and for the price it wasn't to bad for an eye cream and the jar is so tiny and to cute for words. Okay, so now I have two eye creams, you know what this means! Comparison review! I have to say the truth, this guy smells amazing and feels like love on your eyes. So we will see how this goes.

And that my friends is all. Have you used any of these products before?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Come with me drug Store haul

Okay, so I went to Walgreen's yesterday and I picked up 2 count them 2 products. I picked up The Merlot Grape Seed Eye Cream and the Rimmel of London face Primer.

I loved the eye cream and couldn't wait to do a review on it, but when I got on the inter-webs I find out that My girl Liz did a whole review on it on her blog and shes having a give away!  So me being the lazy squid that I am, I will tell you its all true and then send you to her blog! So go check out her review and awesome give away on her blog at myprettyobsessions.

I didn't like the primer it was the 001 primer version and it has a flesh toned tint to it and I just didn't like the way it felt on my face. So I went back to Walgreen's today to exchange it. I got the one I actually like, its the 002 primer and it goes on white finishing clear and it feels like heaven!

I also picked up the Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick on the color 109. It is this pinky tangerine mauvy color. I love it! It goes on so smooth and yummy, it smells like lipstick and the packaging is so cute.

I decided to film my adventure to the drug store so , Lets Go!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


How blogging has changed my life.

A lot has changed in the short time I have been blogging, I see things differently now.

I have made some great friends through blogging, they have given me support and love that I never thought I would receive in such a short amount of time.

With my family, they have learned that Blogging is apart of my daily life.
When I wake up I check my email for updates, comments, mentions or any other kind of interaction with my blogging buddies or any one else. I actually read my emails now instead of just skimming the subject line and mass deleting them.

My Phone is always in use and losing battery life while I keep up with blogs I follow and my girls ( blogging buddies).

My brain is constantly flowing with ideas for posts and videos, but I always check to see if there is someone doing said idea, I don't want to copy anyone's work.

I am looking at other peoples videos in a different light, knowing now how hard it actually is to put up a video, there is a lot of work involved.

My family learned that there is more to me then just cleaning and cooking hehe :)

I get inspired now by things I would have just looked over before and not thought twice about it.

I see cosmetics and beauty products in a different light also. I look for textures, pigments and over all quality of the product, not just what it can do for me.

I also learned not to say things like fuck it, Shit or my favorite fuck'em, because I know people are watching me, so I learned to read what I write before I post. Inside of me is a drunken sailor waiting to get out!

Over all My life has changed through blogging and I love it. I love the fact that I can  express myself about something I feel passionate about.

This can go on for days so I will stop here.

So, how has Blogging changed your Life?

The Sunshine Award :)

The Beautiful Girls at 20/30Glam nominated me for The Sunshine Award!
20/30Glam are two beautiful ladies Julie and Ashley and they are amazing and so sweet. I don't think I would have made it this far without their love and support! so if you are wise you will go check them out and become friends with them super fast they are just full of love a fun stuff!

The Sunshine Award is "given to those who inspire us and bring 'sunshine' into our lives."

There are a few simple rules for the Sunshine Award:
*Include Award Logo in or on your blog post.
*Link to the person who nominated you
*Answer 10 questions about yourself
*Nominate other bloggers to give this award to.

1. If you won a million dollars, what would be the first thing you would buy and why?
I would by six houses one for each child, so that they would always have a place to call home when I am gone, so there goes that million hehe :)

2. Do you have any pets and if so, what are they? And their names?
We have a hamster and we call him Flynn, I don't know why that's what our 15 year old name him.

3. Who is your favorite beauty guru and why?
Its a toss up between Kandee Johnson and GossMakeupArtist. Goss teaches you something in every video. Kandee Johnson because she is just down to earth and crazy and I like that.

4. What kind of blog posts do you like to write the most?
Sharing info, tips and advice type stuff so everyone can grow and learn from each other :).

5. Name a few of your favorite bloggers and what you like about their blog.
Omg to many to mention but I can tell you they all belong to my girls! ( you know who you are so stop smiling at the screen like a crazy person).

6. If you could take a 2 week vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go, and who would you take with you?
I would go to NYC to see my sister, I would take my family because they would probably end up dead if I left them for two weeks.

7. If you could only wear one brand of makeup for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Makeup-forever or Urban Decay.

8. Describe your favorite casual outfit?
Yoga pants,a tank and a comfy hoodie.

9. What is your Favorite Holiday?
Thanks Giving

10. What Fall TV series are you looking forward to watching, (If any.)
I don't watch to much TV but if I had to choose it would be the Newsroom on HBO.

Now I think I have to ask 10 Questions.

1. What do you Love about Blogging?
2. What was your first beauty product?
3. If you had to choose City or Suburb and why?
4. Whats your shoes size?
5. Whats you favorite music genre?
6. Do you like tags like this one and why?
7. your favorite animal?
8. Star Wars or Star Trek?
9. Do you have a YouTube channel? and if so add a link.
10. Favorite meal to cook?

Okay I think that's it, now my nominees are!
If you vlog on YouTube you can do it there also just let me know so I can check it out!

Amy at
Pilar at
Denine at
Teri on YouTube
Renny at

If you were nominated already sorry not sorry :)


Maybelline FitMe Foundation Stick Review

Hello friends! Today I will be reviewing the Maybelline FitMe Foundation Stick.
I have heard a lot of things about this foundation and none of it had been bad, so I wanted to see for myself what all the hype is about. 

The packaging:  I really like the packaging, it looks like a giant lipstick. It has a clear lid so you can see the product. I like the fact that you can totally recess the product into the tube, so there are no worries about taking a gash at the foundation itself. It is perfect for taking it anywhere you don't need a brush or sponge your fingers will do fine. All in all its a cute fat tube and if you are like me and love the noises beauty products make when opening or closing them, then you will love this! It has the cutest clicking sound hehe :)

Now on to the good stuff!

This Foundation boasts: says: Our first gel stick foundation with an anti-shine core
Fresh gel foundation blends to a natural matte finish
Lightweight powders in the anti-shine core instantly dissolve excess oil.

The Product: I love it! It goes on so smooth, It reminds me of those coco butter sticks my Grandmother used to apply to us kids when we were younger. It just glides on so soft, so smooth and the blending! I cant say enough about it, it's like it just melts into your skin becoming apart or you. no heaviness, no caked on feeling, just you.

The Coverage: I did apply this in two coats, the first coat was great and covered up my redness, but I usually wear a full coverage foundation and this went on so smoothly I just couldn't stop at just one, even though one would have been fine, I wanted to see what this lil guy could do, so I went in. Wow, I got a full coverage from this product in two light layers. I applied 3 swipes to my cheeks 1 across the forehead and one my chin. I did this twice and it was perfect!

The Finish: On application of this product there is a hint and I mean a hint of a sheer shine, once you blend it out it goes into a soft sheer matte.

The Conclusion: Buy it, Try it, Love it. This is a great product and does as it claims.

Have you tired this foundation yet? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and have a great day :)