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How to get rid of background noise in your videos

If you make or watch YouTube videos, then you know how annoying it can be when background noises interfere with the quality of your video. I am going to show you how to remove the noise from your videos using a free software called Audacity,
which can be downloaded on their website

How to get rid of background noise in your videos

Here is a video showing how to remove noise from your videos in just a few clicks.

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How to Make a YouTube Banner.

YouTube channel banners are important even if you don't run a channel, but have a Youtube account. It lets people know you are a real person and it adds some personality to your channel. It you run a channel or planning on running a channel one day a banner is very important. Now sure you can put any image up there, but a personalized banner lets people know you mean business and helps with branding. Now, the tutorial.

First you are going to need some kind of image software. is great for this if you dont have one, I am using Pain jasc paint shop pro, its old, but it works and I create all my images with this software.

You will need to create 3 images for this tutorial in various sizes. 

How to Make a YouTube Banner.

1. Create a Image. 

 Sized at 2560 width by 1440 height. This will be the back ground for your image So use any color you like.

This is your first layer and should look like this.

2. Create a second Image.

Sized at 2560 width by 423 height. Give this image a different color to separate and add definition, you don't need to do this but it will help you see the different layers.

So after you have layer the two images you should have something that looks like this.

3. Create your banner! 

This is where you can get creative and design to you hearts content :)
This image should be sized at 1564 width by 423 height. 

So you should have something similar to this, but a lot nicer hehe :)

If you use You will have to layer the images using the overlays function. It is easier in a image editing program, but if you don't have one this is the best option for free. Also I do not recommend using MS paint for this as it can stretch out fonts and make them look weird.

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Where, What and Who update

Hello, people of the interwebs.

Just a quick update  letting you know where I have been, what I have done and who I have been hangin with.

First the where.

I have been mostly home, due to car troubles so I haven't really gone anywhere except to the grocery store. And I have to admit I like smaller grocery stores better than the larger chains stores.

Second the what.

Well,I have done a lot without having a car. I ran two giveaways that went pretty decent, considering they were my first giveaways ever. I won a giveaway , but haven't recieved it yet, but I hear this product is pretty good, so I am excited about that.

I started a new segment on my Youtube channel called Beauty News Network you can read about that on I hit 300 Subbies on Youtube!  The giveaway really helped with that, but didn't get me to 300.

Third the who.

I haven't seen anyone for a while on account of the car situation. But I like being at home with my lil family.
My friend Julie started her own blog, so I have been helping her out with images and stuff, I will write a spotlight post on her blog soon on

So, thats my update I hope you found it exhilarating.

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Pissed off today!

I am so pissed off today! I want to fight and scream and yell. Everything I tried to get done today went down the drain. I tried to record some videos a review and some tags and I erased the memory card with all the footage on it! I couldn't record again, because my son was acting up and it was just a noisy day. I broke out on my face which I know isn't a reaction or hormonal, but from dust! every time I get near any kind of dust my face goes mental and I get tiny little bumps that want to eat my soul starting with my face, so its probably better I didn't post the videos because thats all I noticed while going through the footage.

I made a big mistake in setting up my filming and vanity area in our bedroom. The T.V is in the bedroom and thats where the child is! He doesn't watch much TV, but he just needs to be where it is, thats why I took it out of the living room. When he goes down for a nap my husband who is a music producer/mixer guy starts doing his thing and it gets pretty loud, so I cant film at those times either. ARGHH!! I just want my own space where I could close the door and do my thing just for a few hours.

I know this isn't very interesting, but I needed to get it out of me, there is it.

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Video Editing Software

Adding Quality to your videos

Investing in video software is something every YouTuber should do. Even if you have a so-so camera the software can add great quality and effects to any video giving it a polished look. If you follow me on YouTube you will see that my last set of videos have greatly improved.Yes I did get a better camera for filming, but with the software I really see a big difference in my videos.

Video Editing Software 

Wondershare Video Editor. 

A easy to use software and has a very simple layout, everything is easy to find and can ad some nice effects to your videos, but if you want to get really specific with your effects I found this to be difficult and it crashes a lot. Any good video editor will come with a crash reload, where if your system or the software crashes it will reload your last project. Unfortunately this happened to often for me with this software. I did pay for this after a trial period, but after the trial it went wonky on me.
Free Trial

Free Download of VideoPad Video Editing Software


Is a editor that gives you the intricacy of a high end video editor, but nothing is really easy with this software, in fact its too intricate and you find yourself constantly going to the web for tutorials on how to do simple tasks. it is a good software, but it wasn't giving me the ability to do what I wanted with text and animations.
I did pay for this software, but found myself having to use another software for animations and edit the rest of my videos with this software, not something I liked doing with a product I paid for.

Express your creativity for free!

Serif Video Plus.

Is a video editing software that was very good to me during the trial period. I was limited with the things I could do with the trial, but over all it helped me with the things I could not do with VideoPad. I was really loving this software and wanted to purchase it, but what caused me to stay away was the fact that there isn't much online about this software in regards to tutorials and how to's just in case I got stuck. So I just use it the trial to create short intros.

Vegas Pro 12

Sony Vegas Pro 12.

Now, This is a software that has everything and video editor should be. Yes there is a big price tag on it, but once you use it in trial mode you are instantly hooked. Their are a bazillion how to videos all over the net in case you get stuck. You will have to know something about editing before jumping into this bad boy, but after a few videos you get it down and it becomes very easy to use. I like the fact that you don't have to use a separate software to create a video thumbnail with text for YouTube, with a few clicks you can get a beautiful thumbnail with text. All the elements available in this software give you a side by side comparison to see a before and after as you edit and for me this is perfect.

Your video editing software should be easy to use and have the ability to help you easily if you get stuck.
I do love my Sony Vegas Pro and I know I will be using for years to come.

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Camera updates

Today I wanted to talk to you all about cameras. If you run a blog or vlog you will know that your camera helps represent your blog or channel. Your photos or videos help get the message across that you mean business and you take pride in what you do.

I recently went to bestbuy to see what they have to offer, I really wanted to get out of filming my videos  with a webcam. I wanted to step up my game a bit. so I found a camera that was pretty decent and a good price under 200 dollars, filmed in HD and had a viewfinder.


Get the Best Shots with a 52x Zoom
720p HD Video Recording
One-Touch Sharing Button Lets you Quickly Upload your Videos to YouTube

The Samsung HMX-F90 Is a lightweight camera films in 720p HD, has a viewfinder and is able to take snapshots. I talked to the salesman about the options, if it had a rechargeable battery, can I record while its charging, all the usual questions and I liked my options so I said yes to the camera and walked around the store while holding the box to my new camera.

As I was walking through the Aisles, I spotted the most beautiful thing I have even seen.
The SONY NEX-5T. OMG! This this was amazing, the only thing it didn't do was juliann fries.
It had more bells and whistles than I knew what to do with. So impulsively I took that instead, mind you I was not talked into the purchase my the salesman, but my 15 year old, who said we will always have it and since she is a photography nut it was worth it. I did pay over 600 bucks for it and was kicking myself in the ass on the way home, asking myself, why did I do that? Do I really need that much camera?


16.1MP APS-C sensor
Up to 10 fps shooting
Fast Hybrid AF with phase detection
Full HD movies at 60p/60i/24p
Built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC
180° tiltable touchscreen
Up to ISO 25600
E-mount 16-50mm lens

I brought it home and immediately began playing with it, I even instagrammed it trying to get some gratification for my purchase, but the truth is I only felt worse.

I made one video with it and discovered that I am not ready for that much camera. There were features on this camera I would never use or never need to use.

So I returned it and went for the original camera I went to look at. Yes it doesn't do all those fancy things the other one did, but the price difference takes a lot of guilt off of me.

I do like the ease of the camera, the portability and the price.

DO you feel guilty after making a impulse buy? I know I do.

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How long should your YouTube video be?

YouTube has given us the ability to make longer videos and this is great for webinars, talkshows, news shows and the like, but why is everyone jumping on the 15 min and over bandwagon?

I am going to share with you the unspoken truth about how long a video should me and why.

How long should your YouTube video be.

There are two different categories we will be looking into the newbies and the vets. 


Are the YouTube stars, you know who they are because you watch them almost every other day and if you are watching them you obviously aren't a vet, yet anyway.


Are people like me who are trying to find a place or a corner in the YouTube world. We have less then 1,000 subbies and majority of our subbies are people looking for the same thing.

So lets talk about videos. 

A Vet makes a video and in the first hour it's on the popular page of YouTube, everybody and their mom has seen, like and commented on the video. Great everyone is happy. You know why? I'll tell you in a bit.

A Newbie makes a video uploads it and crickets start chewing at the cobwebs in your corner of YouTube, Why, I'll tell you later.


The average Vet sets up and films for over an hour, edits the video for almost over 3 hours and uploads a 10 minuet video on a certain day.

The average Newbie records 20 some odd minuets of footage slaps a song on top, snips a few clips here and there and in 30 minutes they upload their 20 min video.

Did you catch that right there?

Right! Nobody wants to see a nobody do anything, do you? I know I don't. I mean I don't have twenty minuets to sit through the news some days, let alone watch someone do something on YouTube.

There is nothing wrong with a long video, but not right off the bat, straight out of the gate. People will start to say oh no, they uploaded another 20 plus min video, I really like this person but man 20 minuets, really?

You can upload a 20 plus minuet video once you gather a following and have a reason for it.

YouTube is like fishing you need to be patient, find the right bait, then reel them in. Once they are hooked they are hooked. Feed them small amounts, then go on to bigger things.

I have a list of what is average for a YouTube video length. Please understand that you have to sell your video in the first 30 seconds for anyone to sit through the rest of it.

Think movie trailer, the highlights of the film are put into a 1 min spot to make you buy the ticket to see it.

  • If you are teaching something do it under 10 minuets.
  • If your are reviewing something do it under 5 minuets.
  • If you are doing a collection do it under 15 minuets.
  • If you are just vlogging 5 minutes is enough.

Keep in mind these are newbie times, once you go vet add 5 - 10 minuets
depending on what you are filming about.

Do your research and see what the vets are doing and how long their videos are.

Do you think this is a good summation? If not please let me know :)

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Don't end up looking like a shiny Oompa Loompa.

Okay, so I have been back for a while now. I cannot believe how much I have missed blogging and making YouTube videos. Right now I am filming in a bedroom we have turned into a closest because, there are no closets in this house! This did not go very well for us in the beginning, especially with my husbands insane T-shirt collection.

I found my self a wonderful window that gets natural light pretty much as long as the sun is up, so its perfect.
I have been trying to figure out my webcam and I have come up with a few things that I found to be important, Like place your camera a few feet in front of your light source, followed by you being a few feet away from the camera and work that zoom feature.

I work with a webcam so I have to kill the auto focus and the auto light, so I don't end up looking like a shiny Oompa Loompa.

If you look like this on video stop and re adjust your settings.

I received a product for review, today was the first day I used it and I am pretty happy with it. I just have to figure out how to make a blog post and video on it when the time comes.

I joined Linkedin, I always ignored that social media platform for some reason. Come to find out its pretty awesome. It's kind of a cross between twitter, facebook, and google+, but more for professionals so if you want to be seen by PR reps get one! It's still new to me and I cant find my own timeline, but I have 111 contacts so far and its only been a day, so I think its working hehe.

I wrote a post on about how to tell if your a beauty blogger. So with that I found a lot out about me and my passion.

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Calling All Up and coming YouTubers!

Calling all youtubers

Ok so you made a video and now you want some followers!! Well, today I am going to try something with you all.

 I want to create a directory of as many new and up and coming YouTubers as we can get.

All you have to do is:

leave a link below to your channel.

Your channels name.

and what your channel is about.

I will then create a seperate page with a link to your channel as well as a link in this post.

Throughout February I will be posting a link to this post on all my social networks for maximum exposure. all I ask is that you return the favor and subscribe to those who subscribe to you!

Let give everyone a chance to shine! No matter what type of videos you make , All are welcome.
No adult content please.

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Get your own newsletter for free

Want to update your followers on interesting articles, videos and things you found online?
Clicking the share button on everything can get annoying. Good thing I have found a one stop site for everything you would like to share in a site newsletter type format.  allows you to do that for free.

When you sign up you create a paper and decide when you want it published, Daily, morning and evening editions or weekly.

You can link it to your YouTube account, Twitter, Facebook and Blog Through a RSS feed. You can even choose Keywords.

It will showcase your likes, comments and shares into cute little articles so your followers can see what you have been up to. There is even a little widget that goes into your bookmarks bar that allows you to share anything you find interesting and want featured on your paper.

I like this format because it allows me to feature blogs and videos of my fellow bloggers and YouTube videos that I love.

Is also allows you to customize the look of your paper, but this is limited in the free edition. The full editable version is $9 a month. I currently don't have any followers for it to be worth that, But if Its grows I will gladly pay the fee for a good looking newsletter.

As you can see here is features my latest post and a posts from a two friend of mine that I commented on.
This allows me to give myself a boost as well as a fellow bloggers.

I think this idea is great, as subscriptions grow your followers can keep up with you.
Right now I am on daily edition, but as I grow I will probably go up to weekly.

It also offers you a widget for your blog, so people can follow or view your newsletter from anywhere you place the code online.

Would you try
Here is a link to my paper
Subscribe and I will subscribe back, I look forward to reading your newsletter.

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My YouTube channel updates!

Hi Everyone! I hope all your holidays are going well!

I recently joined a Facebook group called YouTube beauty gurus.
I left a message on the board introducing myself and my channel and I got 8 new subbies from their in the first few minuets after my post.

I now stand at 181 YouTube subscribers. My channel is
Check it out and sub if you can I always sub back.

I am unsure what the invitation process is but I am sure they are accepting new members, it a great group and they are very supportive so far.

They do have some group rules though, Saturday and Sunday are the only days you can promote your channel in the group. The rest of the week they exchange ideas and tips for your channels so definitely check them out. YouTubeBeautyGurus.

Also I had a mix up with They are a blogging network for women. I copied one of my recent posts to their site and it was blocked for spam or what they thought was spam. I thought is was about my post. The subject matter of the post was wearing makeup while doing the nasty. And I thought they blocked it for that reason, but it was a system thing, We got it all straightened out and my account was reinstated.
This is a great site to connect with other bloggers and they have amazing women giving great advice on anything from family to blogging.

I tried to add livefyre to my blog, Livefyre is a commenting system just like Disqus. I really hate the Google/Blogger commenting system and want to change but I don;t know much about code to add it without screwing anything up, so I am going to stay with blogger comments with everything turned off.

So those are my updates for this week.

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From house to home

I am sitting here staring at the screen, worried about the fact that I have been away for so long, My YouTube channel has been dormant but steadily growing subscribers right now I stand at 171 subscribers.

My blog I stand at 50 followers of the blog, 174 follow my bloglovin profile and through Google I have 67 followers.

I have gotten some products sent to me to try out, but they are at my old address, I am having them forwarded here.  I also got a perk from klout that should be coming in I will have that forwarded also.

My camera is in the garage buried in a box under other boxes so I can't film anything. I am worried about my blog getting lost in a sea of other blogs.

I find myself posting here most of the time because I have nothing worthy for
I added some affiliate links on the side bar, they are getting clicks here and there but nothing special.

I am worried I have clouded up the side bar, I have to figure out a way to make it look, not so much like a circus. I have been considering changing the layout again, not the banner I love the banner, but the lay out itself I feel needs a redo.

I think I am going to make the links smaller. I have ideas for posts, but I am unable to get them on the blog at this time. I really need some type of notebook for post ideas.

I need to take this step by step. A blog is like a new house or apt. Its a blank canvas that needs love and some decor. Nothing will stay in its original place, but as time goes on, everything will find its permanent place and become a home.

How to take my blog from house home?

Change blog layout.
Stream line the affiliate links.
Format my posts.

Laurie M.


BBBB Blogging Advice Tips, Tricks, How to's and Other Valuable Information.

I am collaborating with my friend Shalunya from shalunyaboyet, she handles more of the technical side of blogging using Blogger as the main platform and she has some great information from Layouts to Gadgets.

Here you will find links to posts we have written on starting up a blog or a youtube channel. I feel you will find these posts very helpful in the growth of your blog and youtube channel.

We will both be adding to this list as we go so check back often. We both wish you and your blog great success! 

Shalunya offers more advice here.

We Love hearing from you so let either of us know if we have helped in anyway, if you need help in a area we have not covered please feel free to contact either of us.


Blog planning And how it can help!

My posts have been going the the direction of me sharing my ideas on blogging and what can be done to make blogging easier and efficient. And here we are once again, this time I am going to play a bit off of my last post "Understanding Your Beauty Blogger" which can be found here.

It has been very hard for me to Post as often as I would like. I do feel that at least 3 times a week is about right for any growing blog. This however is not including Tag posts, so 5 posts a week including 2 Tags.

Now any budding blogger knows that Social networking is key to building a blog. And as we have discussed before, it is not easy and can be very time consuming to keep up with. Not only do you have to write and design the post, you also have to let the world know you wrote it and the sooner the better.

When I get inspired, its like a wave of of hot thick chocolate that just carries me away, but I cannot post 7 posts in one day, they will get lost and may never be read. So I have to wait until the following day and the moment is gone. But This doesn't have to remain the problem.

Blogger lets you write posts and release them into the wild when ever you decide to. This can be done manually each time you decide or set a scheduled release.

Lets say you write three posts on a Sunday night when you have peace and quiet, and schedule the first to be released on Monday morning around 6 A.M, for those morning commuters, the second  to be released on Wednesday at 2 P.M for the moms waiting for kids from school and finally the Third to be released on friday at around 5 P.M for those last minute weekend plans that need a little inspiration.

All the while you're behind the scenes boosting your blog with tweets, pins, insta pics, comments and what ever else your doing to boost your blog. You could write great posts all day, but if know one knows about it, then its for naught. I always wanted to say that YAY me!

So one night a week of three posts can give you that extra time you need to do other things for your blog.

This has been difficult for me to accomplish, along with every thing else that can pop up in any given day in my life. So from now on I am going to be devoting 1 day of the week to a certain aspect of my blog. Here's what I have in mind. Note: these are examples and wont be carried out in any particular order, use what you like drop what you don't.

Sunday: Write 3 full posts ( photos, editing ,etc) Set their schedule for release. Remember if your blog is affiliated with another site E.g Lucky Mag, Glipho, etc. You will have to Release them on that day, but its just a click so not to much work.

Monday: Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Google+ and any other social site.

Tuesday: Blog hopping and commenting on other blogs! Always leave a link behind a thoughtful and meaningful comment.

Wednesday:  Answer all comments made on your blog.

So with just 4 days out of the week you have kept up with everything you needed to do as a active blogger without feeling overwhelmed. This can also be applied to a YouTube channel as well.

Think of a T.V Series, those are filmed months in advance and yet we can't wait for the next episode or the next season to begin.

This is just a thought in my head as to how to make all of this happen without me going nuts.
There are many free blog planners online for download and apps for smart phone that can help with planning future posts.

I hope this helps!
What are your thoughts on creating a plan similar to this?

Personal Stuff:
I am currently trying to find a space in my home to blog and Vlog without having to bounce around the house like a crazy person, I am so scattered :/.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!


Starting a YouTube Beauty Channel: Things you should know

Hello everyone! I hope this post finds you well. Today I have some pointers for you on starting a YouTube channel. Now I am not a pro and I don't claim to know everything, but I know what I know and I am going to share what I know with you.

I started my channel Aug 14, 2013 and today being Oct 4, 2013 with 51 subscribers, So that's a Subbie a day so far :).  Now, my channel is a beauty channel, on my channel I do reviews, tutorials and Egg tests.

Whats a egg test? I apply certain makeup products to eggs to test their claims if any on covering pores and what not. This is my niche on my channel. 

Whats a Niche? A Niche is your specialty something that makes you different and sets you apart from the countless others doing the same thing on YouTube. If you don't have a niche find one! 

This can be anything, Like me and my egg. 20/30Glam is apart of the beauty community on YouTube, Their Niche? Each other as far as I have seen They are the only Beauty channel that features Two women, So they can get two views of the same product, So you get to different views, two reviews in one video! kinda like a Siskel and Ebert of beauty and if they play on this I feel they will go very far on YouTube.

Now that you have considered what makes you different from all other beauty channels lets talk Brand.
Whats a Brand? You are your Brand. What you say, how you say it and how you look while you say it is apart of your brand. Don't try to be like every one else use your quirks, the things that make you, You.
Have a southern drawl? use it! Have a cute accent? Don't hide it! Use what you got. 

Now, not everyone is going to fall in love with you, but that's okay too. Haters will come and haters will go, but like Madonna said "Any publicity is good publicity". Example Mirandasings08 from YouTube her channel has many haters, but people watch just to see her madness and see what the haters have to say to her in the comments section of her videos and she responds to them through her videos, she basically used her haters to get ahead and it worked flawlessly.

Lighting! Even if you have a cheap camera or webcam your lighting can make it look so much better.
I use clamp lights from the hardware store and GE reveal light bulbs. I cover them with a white shower cap as a light softener.

 I do not point the lights directly at me because it will make me too bright. Point them at the ceiling, light the area your filming in not just your face.

I use the Logitech C615 webcam that I picked up at Walmart for around $60 dollars. It is a good camera and I like what I get from it for now. Sure everyone wants a great camera to film with but sometimes it doesn't work out that way, so just use the best you can afford.

I have made my background using a poster board from Walmart and wrapping paper from Walgreen's, taped it to a old mop duster stick. I did this because I have a 2 year old, so I have to film when I can and not when I want. And this helps me set up whenever I need it and I don't have to worry about the mess in the background.

Time! Time is a very important factor. If you are a new channel no one wants to see 15 minuets of you blending out your eye shadow or hear about how you love the Naked2 palette. Keep your videos around or under 10 minuets. Once you gain an audience then you can do longer videos because people have subscribe and are obviously interested in what you have to say. 

When it comes to eye tutorials, this I have learned from my own experience if you are doing a whole look do only 1 eye and cut to to finished look. Be sure to record your intro after you have completed your look so they can get an idea of the finished look before the tutorial portion starts so you can get a good intro to your video.

Think of it this way, in every movie blockbuster there are at least 5 trailer scenes. This means there are 5 attention grabbing scenes in every movie, this sells the film so people will buy tickets. ever wonder why the trailer is better then the movie as a whole? But instead of an hour and a half you get 5 to 15 minuets to sell your brand e.g YOU!

So catch your audience within the first 20 seconds then go from there every so often drop a trailer spot, this could be doing something different in the look your doing or showing them a different product, if your doing a review. So don't linger. Remember you have a video bar next to your face screaming watch me instead. So do your thing to keep the viewers eyes on you! :)

Edit your videos and edit them again. Get rid of all those ums. I little trick I am working on is to say everything 3 times and space out my phrases, like this. "this is the new beauty product of the month". Then stop. Don't say "this is the new beauty product and i love um what it does um for my skin". This will be harder to edit. Think of it as a commercial, make your statements and phrases as clear as possible.

When doing a voice over there is no need to keep talking all the way through. Say what is needed and nothing more, if it is funny or pertaining to the video then its alright. Add music to the video for the times you aren't talking, this will help move the video along, make sure its copyright free or YouTube will hate you and spit on your video!

Don't save your video as MyMovie.file.  Name it! YouTube uses this file name as a guide for what your video is about so name it the same way you want it to appear on YouTube itself. 

Don't Yell in your video most people watch YouTube with head phones on and a screaming voice is a sure way to get a video closed before you get to your subject matter.

Do add tags to your video, relevant to your video. YouTube Currently only allows I think 400 or 500 characters for tags, so use them wisely.

Do add big Beauty channels to your tags I currently use Michelle Phan and Kandee Johnson in my tags to show up on the side of their videos. 

Do add your channel name to your tags, this will help your other videos show up on the side while someone is watching your current video.

Do use annotations to ask your views for likes, subscriptions and comments, engage your audience.

Always ask for Likes, comments and subscriptions at the end of every video. Kandee Johnson always mentions a hug after her videos, GossmakeupArtist Always winks at the end of his videos. I haven't found my sign off signal yet, but I will one day! So find yours :)

Most Important! Look into the camera! Not the view finder, Not the computer screen. Talk to the camera like you are talking to your friends or family. 

You don't have to be all dolled up for a video, but you should look decent.

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