how to take nice blog photos

Okay, So word on the street is that not only do your blog posts have to be good, but also your photos.

I have been struggling for a while now with how to take good photos pf the products I review on my other blog. I have used many items to get the look I wanted, but something didn't feel right to me.

I used a place mat, a bed sheet, a blanket. I even used a fence once. But I wanted something more Fashionable, something more pretty or even beautiful. My daughter knew I was having a hard time with this for a while now, so one day she shows me a picture of a product with a gorgeous background and she told me I could accomplish this with my lap top and my phone. Then I immediately asked her if she took any drugs.

I mean this picture was amazing, I had to try it. So I am going to share with you how I accomplished this photo below.

how to take nice photos for your blog

Now I know it could be better, but it's way better then a bed sheet.  If you are still here then lets move on to the tutorial.

I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 and my laptop to accomplish this photo.

Step 1. 

Find a back ground you like. It can be anything you want, Google images is perfect for this. Save the Image to your hard drive.

Step 2.

Put the image into a software program that will allow you to preview it in full screen mode. This will block out any elements of your desk top giving you a full background.

Step 3.

Get something reflective, but not a mirror. I used a Good sized makeup Palette with a silver leather material.
It allows for reflection of the background, but won't show everything.

Step 4.

Get a lamp with a natural day light bulb and hang it over head. Use a sheet of paper or a white shower cap over the lamp to soften the glare.

Step 5.

Now this is the most important step! Place you item on your shiny surface, wipe it down as a matter of fact wipe everything down, dust can show up in camera too. Once everything is wiped down. Take a few shots with your camera and find the spot where you get the reflection of the surface and the background without seeing any of the lines from the monitor in the background. 

This will take a few shots to find this spot, but you will find it, try not to get to close to the screen as to not pick up your reflection in the background.

I hope this helps with your photos and if not let me know and I will create a more detailed tutorial.

Good Luck!


3 Mascaras 1 Girl

3 mascaras 1 girl

We all love a good mascara right? I mean, what other product can give your eyes an instant lift? What other product can say, hey! I have lashes? None.

And that is why I love me some Mascara. Today I am going to feature my three favorite most reached for mascaras.

Mascara no.1

3 mascaras 1 girl

They're Real By Benefit

This Mascara is perfect for everyday drama. It has a wonderful wand that enhances every lash and a formula that just won't quit. This is my everyday go to mascara.

Mascara No.2

3 mascaras 1 girl

LashGasam By TooFaced

This Mascara is always there for me when I don't want to wear falsies, but I want to look as if I am wearing falsies. this wand get really close to the root of the lash making sure to coat every lash with sexiness. This mascara lasts all day and night, just be sure to give it a moment to dry once applied.

Mascara No.3

3 mascaras 1 girl

Full Exposure By SmashBox

This is a mascara I wear with my falsies to blend everything together. The wand is spaced out enough to to coat the lashes without making them spider like while allow my natural lashed to blend for a flawless look.
This also requires some time to dry as the formula is quiet wet, so that you can get your lashes combined into your falsies.

The Roundup

I love mascara and all its magical benefits, my only problem with mascaras is that they are on a three month expiration date, so they say. I feel the Benefit They're Real is the perfect size for any mascara, if you follow that rule. I mean who uses that much mascara in three months?

Do you follow the three month mascara rule?
I don't, maybe I should, but that's just me.

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Balancing Oil and Stress on your face!

As you all know, if you follow me on twitter that I have moved again. That is a total of four times this past year. I will admit my stress levels have gone through the roof many times and my face has the scars to prove it.

I have been staying with family members of both sides during my travels of our great nation, why do we say that? Aren't all nations great? I never got that. Anyhoo, My face has gone through  a lot, Climate changes, stress and hormonal break outs.

To be honest, I haven't been keeping up with my normal face cleansing routine. Getting the bathroom time to myself has been very hard, especially with a large family so the oil build up has been ugly.

I would wake up with new breakouts and blemishes every week, I knew I needed a plan of action so I went to Walgreen's. I needed something that was fast and easy to use, so I browsed and browsed and picked up a pack of Simple Oil balancing cleansing wipes for sensitive skin.

Balancing oils and Stress on your face!

These wipes are amazing! They cleanse the face of all dirt, oil and makeup. I love these because they do help with oil production on my face and leave my face feeling clean and fresh with just one wipe.

The texture of the wipe is soft on the skin, but strong enough to get in there and break up the ugly bits.

I have stopped breaking out and oil production is at a all time low. Yay me!!

Balancing oils and Stress on your face!

This is a picture I took during a very stressful day and not to sound like I am tooting my own horn, but I wiped the stress away with my handy Simple oil balancing cleansing wipes.

Products I used on my face this day:
L'Oreal Magic B.B. Cream, Medium.

Mommy Makeup's Mommy's little helper Concealer.
Mommy Makeup's Dual mineral powder
The review for these products you can find here.

Urban Decay's Flushed bronzer
The review for this product in here.

Urban Decay's Naked basics Palette

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Life Lived Beautifully

So I changed my banner on my beauty blog again, I guess this is what I get for having photo shop at my disposal.

I wanted something a little less harsh then the blackness of the previous banner.
I also changed my social Icons to just text instead of the images, to many colors. It seemed like it didn't have any direction. What this post is really about is the motto I chose.

Life Lived Beautifully.

Life is not perfect, but it still can be beautiful.
This I feel is up to us, we can allow bad things to take over and swallow us up whole or we can allow it to shape and form us, but never penetrate us to the point of destruction.

Life doesn't even have to be lived well, I don't have to live in a mansion or have a fancy car to live beautifully.  I can live beautifully anywhere life puts me. I make my life, no one else has say in that. Just me.

I can allow things to get to me or I can over come them and make them my lessons not my future.

If your in a ugly room, make it beautiful.
You have a ugly car, make it shabby chic.
you have ugly clothes, give them to goodwill and buy some while your there.

It's all how you see it and I choose to make it beautiful.

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I'm So Thankful For Blogging Buddies Tag

 I was Tagged by my beautiful and extra smart blogging friend Ashley Maria. She is talented and super fabulous and is currently going through some exciting changes, So if you want to witness awesomeness go check her out on her blog at ciaobella.

If you'd like to spread the love and hop in on the tag, simply publish a post answering the Thankful Interview questions about your blog, about yourself, and then tag some other great blog buddies you're thankful to have so they can do the same! Now on to this tag.

I'm So Thankful For Blogging Buddies

I love these little finger pictures They are so cool :)

About My Blog 

How long have you been blogging?

My first post was posted on August 16th 2013 woohoo!

Are there any bloggers who helped you out/encouraged you when you first started your blog?

My sister encouraged me to start writing a blog, but my girls help me everyday :)

What Social Media has given you the most traffic to your blog? Is there a platform that you don’t use?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and tumblr, although I don't use tumblr much but I do have it haha.

How often do you post? Do you have a regular schedule?

At the rate I am going about 1-2 times a week I would like to post more but life said NO!

Where do you blog?

In my fabulous, comfy, never made bed.

What camera do you use?

I Have used a Nikon, Ipod, Ipad, Samsung Glalaxy s4, and my Logitech webcam. I use anything I can get my hands on hehe.

How did you come up with your blog name?

I was searching for a blog name with the word "Makeup" in it while staring at the website squidoo, so TheMakeupSquid was born :)

Do you do any regular “series” posts on your blog?

Once in a while I do a double duty products, but mostly its just random like me.

What draws you to a blog?

The style, layout and sincerity of the post, I hate I feel like I am reading something out of a magazine, if that makes any sense hehe. I want to actually hear a voice when I read a blog.

What turns you off of a blog?

Music! And feeling like the blog is pushing me to buy a product, Just let me know you like it or love it and if I like or love you I will buy it, one day.

How many blogs do you subscribe to?

A lot, to be honest I can't read all of them, there isnt just enough time. But I am all for supporting blogs and Bloggers. So I follow as many as I can!

When do you generally read blogs?

Whenever I can really through out the day, but I haven't been able to read as much as I would like too.

What is your favorite type of post, and why?

Helpful, anything I can learn from. Look of the day, Tips, tricks that sort of thing and anything personal I love getting to know the people behind the blog :)

What is your least favorite type of post, and why?

Nail polish posts, but that only because I am jealous and cant grow my own nails haha!

About Me

Where do you live?

I just moved AGAIN! to JohnsTown PA.

What about your home?

Two story home built in 1941. I cant wait to start decorating it has great bones and so much charm :)

Do you have a “day job”?

My day job is my family, I can't quit even if I wanted to, I heard there was a law or something against that.

How tall are you?

I am a whopping 5'1, but I pack a punch!

Do you have siblings?

I am one of 7. 2 boys and 5 girls total

3 words to describe yourself.

Loud, Weird, hopeful.

Who is your style icon, and why?

Me of course :)

3 favorite bands/musicians.

TheCure, The Smiths and A Flock of Seagulls.

3 favorite movies.

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and The Gladiator. I love epic films!

3 favorite books.

The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and Memoirs of a Geisha.

3 random/weird facts about you.

I am currently trying to grow my hair out, but at the same time I want to cut it.
I know how to make my husband really really nervous.
I love watching strange documentaries.

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Being true to myself and my blog

being true to you
Google Images

I can't do it. I tried and I just can't.

I got my domain name, I changed my banner to reflect my personality and my interests, which I will probably change again since there are some aspects missing.

Interwebs Chic, is it pronounced Chick or sheek? I have no idea but either way I like it.
I woke up with a fire in my soul today and I liked it. I woke with a determination for my blog as I didn't like the direction it was going in. So I decided that no one is going to decide my fate or the direction of my blog.

I was so afraid that if I posted a rant after posting a blog tip people weren't going to like it and drop my blog.
But today that all changed.

I am not writing for you! I am not even thinking about you when I write, so why should I care what you think?

being true to you
Google Images

I write for me. I write because there are things I want to share with you, things that might make something somewhere easier for you and in order for me to accomplish this I have to be me and I am not single sided, I am every sided.

I cannot have this blog be just about one thing. It has to be about everything I think or care about posting.
I want to help others with their blogs by sharing what ever I learn as I go on my own personal blogging journey, but I also want to share things that tic me off, things that make my day extra special even if its as little as hearing my favorite song at 4 a.m.

being true to you
Google Images

I want to write about the process of making banners and images for blogs.
I want to write about how to add your comment link after losing it.
I want to write about how my husband makes my blood boil and I have to remind myself that putting a grown man in a closet is a crime somewhere in the world.
I want to write about how my three year old knows how to buy apps on my smart phone.
I want to write about my 16 year old son who won't talk to me.

I want to write about what ever I want to write about and if you are here for only one thing, I am sorry.
I am not a one thing person, so this blog will be about me and whatever that entails, the good, the bad and yes I dare say it, the ugly. eww.

being true to you
Google Images

So I hope you stay, I hope you follow, I hope my insanity makes some type of sense to anyone out there somewhere on the interwebs.

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The blog changes interviews

We all want our blog to be the best that it can be. Sometimes this can be as easy as a few clicks or as hard as rewiring your blog completely.  Either way the interweb offers us options, lots of options and sometimes, we want to hear it first hand from someone we know what the best way to go as well as what we should stay away from.

I had the pleasure of interviewing three amazing bloggers, from veteran and newbie alike and they have some very good advice to share with you all, So here it is.

The blog changes interviews. 

1. Whats your name? Rebecca B. Bird

2. What is the name of you blog/s?

3. How long have you been blogging? On and off for nearly 15 years (whoa), but about 6 months on my current blog

4. What are the changes you have made to your blog recently? (Layout, Commenting system, etc..) I recently switched from the standard Blogger commenting system to Disqus
5. Why have you made these changes? ( if you weren't satisfied with anything please let me know what these were.) I noticed that some of my readers were responding to each other in the comments on my site, so I wanted a commenting system that was more conducive to ongoing discussion. Blogger's standard comments are fine for just leaving a quick note but aren't very interactive.

6. What was the most difficult aspect of your blog/s to change? The transition to Disqus was pretty seamless, but one thing I didn't anticipate was that Disqus imported the old comments by the date they were posted, rather than by what was in reply to what! So if you look at some of my older posts now it's difficult to make sense of who is replying to who.

7. What was the easiest aspect of your blog/s to change? Installing Disqus only took a few clicks and a bit of waiting so it was very easy!

8. What are your most important widgets for your side bar if any. The search widget, though it hasn't been working properly lately so I may have to research alternatives.

9. What aspects are you looking to add to your blog in the future? I hope to add an improved search function at some point, and maybe streamline the navigation a bit. I think I could also be utilizing my footer better, but I haven't decided what changes to make yet.

10. Any advice for your fellow bloggers looking to make changes? Research your options carefully before attempting to implement a change! With commenting systems, for example, there are other choices besides Disqus (i.e. IntenseDebate, Google+ comments etc.) so it's a good idea to find out the strengths and weaknesses of each one before deciding which one will be best for your website. It gets a bit tricky if you're switching back and forth between different ones all the time!

1. Whats your name? Karen Pasto

2. What is the name of you blog/s?

3. How long have you been blogging? 6 months

4. What are the changes you have made to your blog recently? (Layout, Commenting system, etc..) I am planning to completely do away with comment moderating. I decided to try the free version of Comment Luv to see if I liked it and test it before I completely changed over.

5. Why have you made these changes? ( if you weren't satisfied with anything please let me know what these were.) I like the fact that other bloggers who take the time to comment can leave a link to their most recent posts and maybe get more traffic. I have also found new blogs myself. Win/win!

6. What was the most difficult aspect of your blog/s to change? This was an easy change.

7. What was the easiest aspect of your blog/s to change? I use Word Press, and the plug in was super easy to install.

8. What are your most important widgets for your side bar if any.  I have an Instagram photo carousel and most popular posts plug in on my sidebar.

9. What aspects are you looking to add to your blog in the future? Since I am still new, I plan to hire a blog designer to take my blog to the next level. Also learn more about HTML coding.

10. Any advice for your fellow bloggers looking to make changes? It's your blog, so don't be afraid to change it up. If you don't like it, you can undo it :).  Thank you Laurie for including me in this project! Much love, kp

1. Whats your name? Hi, I am Jules, from Lippy Likes

2. What is the name of you blog/s?

3. How long have you been blogging? Since October 15th so still a real noobie aw x

4. What are the changes you have made to your blog recently? (Layout, Commenting system, etc..) When I started my blog, I had no experience of blogging and was a total technophobe so I just googled free blogs and followed the instructions on Blogger. I quickly realised that there were some things I could do to really improve the look and layout of my blog and the readers enjoyment of it. I added my Blog to Bloglovin' which let me be easily found by potential readers. I set up a profile on Google+ which increases my visibility to search engines. I bought a decent camera to improve the quality of my pictures and found PicMonkey, a free editing site. Using PicMonkey I made a decent header and blog button which I proudly display on my sidebar. I use Google+ for comments which does away with the dreaded Captcha. I added adverts from Adsense and skimlinks to start monetizing my blog. I bought a custom Domain name for my blog

5. Why have you made these changes? ( if you weren't satisfied with anything please let me know what these were.) I bought the Domain name - because I thought it indicated how seriously I take my blog. It cost very little but one day I would like a custom made design which can cost a great deal which was why I decided to start monetizing. I personally hate Captcha and often abandon a comment at that stage when a bogger has it enabled. 
6. What was the most difficult aspect of your blog/s to change? Adding the custom Domain name was something I found ridiculously difficult and I eventually had to seek the help of a friend the lovely Hayley at TeaPartyBeauty,

7. What was the easiest aspect of your blog/s to change? Everything else was really simple and believe me, if I can do it, anyone can,

8. What are your most important widgets for your side bar if any. For me the most important are the follow buttons - for google+, GFC and most importantly Bloglovin'. 

9. What aspects are you looking to add to your blog in the future? As I said, I would love to have a whole blog redesign, something plain and classy but will all of the necessary elements in place. 

10. Any advice for your fellow bloggers looking to make changes? I would advise simply googling anything you want to do. There are some very simple step by step guides out there If you really can't manage to do something then I suggest asking for help on twitter There are some super lovely ladies on there who are really great at all this kind of stuff and I have always been lucky enough to find someone to help. Most of all though remember, whilst everyone wants their blog to look fantastic, what is most important of all is the content. So Keep Calm and Carry On Blogging x

So as you can see its basically all about personal style and how you want you blog to look and feel.
Don't be afraid to make changes especially early on.
Always remember if you get stuck there's always Google :)

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How to make your own lip colors

Today I wanted to share with you how I create a lip color I wear often and always get compliments and questions about. First of all let me tell you I do not own a red lipstick. There is nothing wrong with this color but when I go to buy a lipstick it is never red. 

So when I want a little more pop to my lips there are steps I take to achieve this lip color.
 Today I am going to share my method with you.

This is the color we are going to achieve today. I describe it as a plum wine Merlot type color of some gold shimmer. I like this color for the winter months because it adds life to any look.

The are the tools used to get my lip color, I know its a lot of different products but, I also like the fact that I can control the shimmer and depth of the lip color, depending on my mood :)

Before I apply anything to mu lips I always moisturize them and apply my trusty lip primer,
 Lip Insurance from Too Faced. I like this product because it helps fill in fine lines on my lips an gives my lip colors and added staying power.

Second I line and fill in my lips with a dark liner. The one I use is Night Moth from MAC. 
This color is a dark taupe shade with a hint of deep brown.

Third I take Elf Matte Lip Color in Rich Red and apply to my lips over the dark liner.
This step enhances the richness of the lip color but also washes out the harshness of the dark liner.

So I am left with a nice wash of a deep berry color, its not to dark, but at the same time gives color.

Fourth I take a Gold Shadow, anyone will do really, but here I am using Spontaneous from Stilla.
I apply this to the center of my upper and bottom lips.
This step adds depth and dimension to the lips, makes any lip color more fun and unique.

As you can see I have my wine color with a touch gold, now it may seem over whelming, but I promise with will make sense at the end :) 

 Fifth add gloss. any sheer colored gloss will do. I use Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss in snow pink. 
I like this color because it adds shine but no color.

So this is the finished look. I do go over once more with my liner to finish off my lips. 
I love the color, depth, dimension and shine this method gives my lips.

I did not have good lighting to show you on my lips, but here is the finished product.

Lighting still not good haha!
But you get the idea :)

I do love creating different lip colors that suit me and my style.
How to you amp up your lips?

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widgets Every Blog Should Have

Widgets every blog should have

Widgets are a very important part of any blog, they help people share your content, they allow people to follow you on social networks, they can even help people find your older posts without going through your archives.

I have a few favorite widgets that I use and both of my blogs.

Here is a list of widgets every blog should have.

Follow buttons: 

These are very important as they allow your readers to actually connect with you and see you aren't just words on a screen. My favorite sight for a simple follow icon bar like the one on my blogs comes from they have many widgets to choose from which are actually overlays on your blog and can go where ever your reader go as as long as they are on your site.


There is a great widget that places up to 5 previous posts from your blog, they are applied in the perfect place at the end of each post so that your reader can continue reading your great content.

Share buttons: 

Now this is the most important of all widgets, the glorious share widget. has a great and simple to install. This widget can be customized to your liking and is placed at the bottom of every post so that your  readers can share your content from anywhere. Sharing is caring after all.


 If you have a Youtube channel and post your videos on your blog you don't want your readers to leave your blog to subscribe to you, they could get lost in there and you lost your new subbie. The best way to do this is place a place subscribe button in the side bar of your blog. its a little tricky to install but so worth it, I promise :) YouTube Subscribe button scroll down the page to the configure button section then go from there.

Call to action:

 This is the most Important of all and it ain't even a widget! After someone reads your post, comments, shares and likes it. Then what? Place a call to action at the bottom of every post.
Make it personal, make it unique, make it you.

I hope this helps :)
Keep writing. If you write, they will read.

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The Perfect Love Hate Relationship

Have you ever heard the term soul-mates? Soul-mates are supposed to be our perfect partner, lover and friend. I heard this term used many times to describe people who were greatly in love with one another, even though I have felt this in my life before I have never actually seen it until 2013.

These are my Grandparents Larry and Laura
They were married for over 60 for over years. This is their story.

the perfect love hate relationship

Their marriage was arranged by their parents, He was 16 and she was 13.
I know right! But I guess that's how they did things back then. 

Larry Had a big huge clan sized family and Laura had none she was orphaned at a young age being passed from aunts and uncles, so being married was the closest thing she had to a real family.

They worked on carnivals, you know that game where you try and get the ping pong ball in a bowl and win a gold fish? Yea, that was Larry and Laura running that game at county fairs and carnivals all over the US.

the perfect love hate relationship

Laura was beautiful. When you asked Larry why he married her, he would say because she looked Elizabeth Taylor. I personally don't see it, but I get the Idea.

They had a total of five children two girls and three boys. My dad being the eldest son.

They had a good life, very family oriented. But it wasn't peaceful.
Laura had a hard time with Larry.

Larry liked to gamble a lot and most of the time it would hurt the family financially.
So they did what all Yugoslavians do, they got loud.

As they got older these arguments became very funny to us the grand children.
For us it was like watching an old episode of the honeymooners or the three stooges.
We would sit back and watch the old folks yell it out, the things they would say would be hilarious.
We often had to hide our laughter because we didn't want any heat from the old lady.

But they weren't funny to their own children.

the perfect love hate relationship

Larry in the shower cap was always cooking. I remember his breakfast OMG!! The potatoes!
Larry was the kind of guy that would cook and wake you up with a sausage on a fork waving in your face saying "come eat bulla" that was his way of saying babe, or cutie.
His favorite line was "bulla you" while sticking his tongue out at you.

He was strong, we seen him do things that men don't do.
He has lifted a car, He built a house, He carried and lifted boxes that men younger then he could not do.

Larry suffered a stroke when I was young, so to me he always walked with a limp and his hand was always stuck in a claw like shape. But he was pop and to me he was perfect.

I used to sleep in the middle of them and sometimes at their heads.

Larry and Laura had over 15 grandchildren and 10 plus great grandchildren.
During their marriage Larry would leave because that was the only solution to keep the peace.

the perfect love hate relationship

He was always their for holidays and special occasions and days when he was just around.
He had a strong work ethic and if you didn't do what he said you were in trouble. 
Sometimes it felt like we lived on a farm, but without the animals and fields.

We worked as long as the sun was up. Laundry, Cooking, Cleaning for the girls.
Cleaning the Garage, Yard and Pool for the boys.
Saying no to chores was not an option.

the perfect love hate relationship

Laura Loved shopping. She would always take us with her, didn't matter what she bought but as long as she bought something. She always had the latest gadgets, we had a VCR when no one knew what a VHS tape was. A giant Big screen TV that was enclosed in wood with doors, yes its an eye soar now, but back then it was cool. Always had the hottest cell phone, even though she never knew how to work them. She was very fancy and made sure we had the best of everything always.

He biggest thing with us girls was to be a Lady. Never to allow anyone the chance to think or say anything negative about us. To be perfect hosts and guests.

the perfect love hate relationship

She battled with her weight over the years, always on a diet. She loved clothes and fashion and when she couldn't dress herself she dress us. We were her dolls. She used to custom make our dresses for social occasions with matching shoes and all the frills.

She also taught us to never be afraid of who we are. To always be proud and that family comes first above all else. We always thought she was to smothering and she always wanted us near and never allowed us to grow. In reality she didn't want us to be swallowed up by the world.

Yes she had her selfish ways, but when it came to love, she always said fight for it.

Stand your ground and fight for it against people place and time always fight for love.

I never understood how a woman who fought with her husband all the time can tell me to fight for love.
They couldn't even eat without arguing about how much bread Larry was eating.
So what was she talking about?

the perfect love hate relationship

Larry never walked into the house without a cake or flowers for Mama. That's what they called each other Mama and Pappa.  They became the only family they knew, they did grow up with one another after all.

When one of the kids used to rebel against Laura, Larry would step in with "Why you doing this to Mamma".

Most of the time Larry didn't know the ins and outs of daily life with 6 grandchildren running around, but he did always intervene when things got out of hand.

I remember a time when she got angry at us and told us all to live in the garage. So we made it our club house and we took her fancy pillows and blankets to sleep with. We didn't last an hour as we started to smell the food cooking and hunger set in. Years later we found out she watched us and every move we made in that garage. haha! We thought we were bad ass 8 year olds living on our own among cobwebs and old tools.  Laura knew better, she always did.

the perfect love hate relationship

Laura gave up her fight with weight loss due to a hernia she developed and Larry learned to let Mama have her way.  They got older and sicker as they years went on, but she would always save hot food for poppa and he always brought her flowers. She would still cry like a young girl when he would stay out too late.
She would tell him Poppa your too old to stay out late come home before dark, O.K Momma he would reply never intending to listen to her. He wanted to be a Cowboy and She wanted to be a Debutante.

In the spring of 2013 Larry developed problems from a brain tumor that had been in his head for years but never did anything. The doctors said surgery wont accomplish much, So he did his thing until he was admitted into the hospital and passed away three days later. I held his hand, told him I loved him and watched as he left the world. He wasn't the best husband and father but as a grandfather he was amazing.

As we were preparing for Larry's Memorial dinner 3 weeks later, Laura developed the same symptoms Larry had and passed within a few days. I stayed with her as she was terrified of doctors and hospitals.
She was going in and out of reality and I would try to bring her back as often as I could. She was hallucinating and I would play along with her, where ever she was I wanted her to know I was with her.
The last thing I did to bring her back was ask her to tel me she loved me. It took two hours for me to get those three words from her and with a wink of her eye I knew she was there. After a few hours Laura left.

I do get teared up at times thinking about them, but I know it better for them to not be in pain anymore.
But I never actually cry. I cry because I know I have witnessed something so beautiful and that Love can over come time and space. I have seen this growing up watching Larry and Laura.
60 plus years and they couldn't last a month without each other.

My dad told the priest "They had the Perfect Love, Hate Relationship" and he was right.

Thanks for being amazing,

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Adding Disqus to Blogger the right way and trouble shooting.

If you follow this blog then you know I have been trying to install a different commenting system to my blogs.

I recently went through some changes on both of my blogs, I changed the layouts on both and I wanted a easier way to communicate with my readers and I felt Disqus was the way to go, however this wasn't as easy as the website claims, for me it wasn't anyway.

Adding Disqus to Blogger the right way and trouble shooting.

If you are having problems installing Disqus to your Blogger hosted blog please keep reading.

These are the steps you need for a successful installation of Disqus.

Adding Disqus to Blogger the right way and trouble shooting.

First blogger configurations.

Turn off Google+ commenting
Allow anyone to comment
No captcha
Comments Embedded.

Adding Disqus to Blogger the right way and trouble shooting.

Disqus Configurations.

1. Sign up for the service you can do that by going here

2. Go to add Disqus to your site in your admin panel and add all the required fields.

3. Go to the setting tab while in the Admins section, a drop box will appear with a list of the blogs you have added.

4. Click the blog you would like to ad disqus to.

5. Click the install tab and choose your platform, for this tutorial we are going to go with blogger.

6. You will see that the second option is to import your comments. This is something you will want to do at this point. So import them to Disqus now by clicking the import link, this will take you through a few screens asking for permission to import your blogs comments say yes to both. One will be for taking the comments and the other will be for giving the comments. Disqus and blogger have to know each other before they can dance together. Once imported move on to the next step.

7. Click on the 1st option Add (blog name) to blogger site.

8. This will take you to a screen where you will add the widget to your blog follow the steps and voila!
Disqus is now apart of your blog, but you may not see it right away. Why? Lets read on.

Trouble shooting

Here are a few issues nobody tells you about for installing Disqus to blogger.

Disqus takes your comments very seriously and wants them protected, so they need to trust blogger and how does Disqus trust blogger? You tell them to trust blogger. How do you do that?

Go back to your settings tabs in Disqus.
Click the Advanced tab
In the third section of options you will see a trusted domains text box.
Type your domain without the http://www.
So you will type it like this YOURSITE.COM or YOURSITE.BLOGSPOT.COM if you have a custom domain with hosting from blogger add both of them.

Another thing to do is make sure your website name is spelled the same way on your blog.
If your site is (My Fancy Website) it cannot be (my fancy website) on Disqus, both have to match exactly.

Once you do all these things do steps 2 through 8 again.

I also have noticed that it takes Disqus a few minuets to appear on a newly published post so don't freak out yet. Check you older posts to see if it is there.

I hope this helps installing Disqus to your Blog.
If you have any trouble please let me know.

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Two easy to use beauty products

Hello, my fellow makeup junkies :)

I hope this post finds you well and in good spirits!

I recently received two products from a company called Mommy Makeup to try out.

Mommy Makeup is a company that specializes in beauty products for the busy woman, now I know some of us have careers, but to me the busiest job of them all is being a mommy. It actually never ends and you really never get a vacation!!

So calling their company Mommy Makeup is perfect!
Have you ever tried to look good or even decent while running errands, changing a puking 3 year old?
I have and it isn't easy.

Mommy Makeup makes beauty easy for the busiest of moms who don't always have the time to beautify themselves.

They have many products that can be used in more ways then one and today I am going to review two products for you from their line.

Mommy Makeup Product review

The first thing you notice about these products are the cute graphics on the outer boxes. I love this lady that is trying to apply lipstick while pushing a baby buggy I know I have been there before!

There's a saying... "Necessity is the mother of invention" - it is also the mother of Mommy Makeup!

Award-winning makeup artist and New York City Mom, Debra Rubin-Roberts, created Mommy Makeup to simplify the busy woman's daily beauty routine. She had her "light bulb moment" about a new makeup line almost immediately after giving birth. Debra realized she no longer had time to apply 13 individual items just to get a basic polished look.

Debra needed makeup that was quick and easy to apply, yet gave her makeup artist quality results - and if she needed it, surely other women did too!

13 individual products became 6 multi-tasking wonders, and now with Mommy Makeup, women everywhere apply their makeup from start to finish in less than 6 minutes!

Look Divine in Half the Time! - Mommy Makeup

Once opened the packaging is very sleek and there is some weight to it so you can feel the quality behind the product.

Mommy Makeup Product review

I love this shiny silver compact, the material itself is plastic but very chic with the Mommy Makeup logo etched in.

Mommy Makeup Product review

The Mineral dual powder
Can be used as a finishing powder or powder foundation.
The powder itself is very fine, it comes with a sponge applicator and is very easy to build up to the coverage you want without feeling all caked up.
This product feels very similar to the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation.

Mommy Makeup Product review

Mommy's little helper Concealer

The packaging on this one reminds me of the MAC packaging. You feel the quality and you are able to see the product inside, for a concealer I like this type of packaging.

This product is not only a concealer, but also doubles as a eye shadow base.

I used these two products in my NYE look and I have to say I am very happy with the results which I posted down below.

Mommy Makeup Product review

As you can see the holidays have reeked havoc on my sleep schedule, so in come the dark circles, pale skin and blemishes.

Mommy Makeup Product review

As you can see The circles are completely gone from under my eyes.
I have a normal skin tone once again.
Its as if these products have breathed life into me once again.

Mommy Makeup Product review

I did use the concealer as a eye shadow base with out eye primer.
It did enhance my eye shadows and the staying power was lovely.

(note) I did appliy this with a brush to my eyes and noticed some creasing so I patted it out with a finger and it blended wonderfully.

It does mention on the packaging that finger application is best for this product and I agree.

I do love these two new goodies I have added to my collection.
Thank you Mommy Makeup for the wonderful opportunity.

If you would like to check out mommy makeup please click the banner below.
They have a Pretty perk system where you can receive discounts or cash rewards with every order.

When you sign up they give you $5 you can use right now!

Mommy Makeup Pretty Perks - $5.00 Free!
Affiliate link. 
You don't have to use my link you can visit them at

These products were sent for review by Mommy Makeup.
All thoughts and views are my own :)

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