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Camera updates

Today I wanted to talk to you all about cameras. If you run a blog or vlog you will know that your camera helps represent your blog or channel. Your photos or videos help get the message across that you mean business and you take pride in what you do.

I recently went to bestbuy to see what they have to offer, I really wanted to get out of filming my videos  with a webcam. I wanted to step up my game a bit. so I found a camera that was pretty decent and a good price under 200 dollars, filmed in HD and had a viewfinder.


Get the Best Shots with a 52x Zoom
720p HD Video Recording
One-Touch Sharing Button Lets you Quickly Upload your Videos to YouTube

The Samsung HMX-F90 Is a lightweight camera films in 720p HD, has a viewfinder and is able to take snapshots. I talked to the salesman about the options, if it had a rechargeable battery, can I record while its charging, all the usual questions and I liked my options so I said yes to the camera and walked around the store while holding the box to my new camera.

As I was walking through the Aisles, I spotted the most beautiful thing I have even seen.
The SONY NEX-5T. OMG! This this was amazing, the only thing it didn't do was juliann fries.
It had more bells and whistles than I knew what to do with. So impulsively I took that instead, mind you I was not talked into the purchase my the salesman, but my 15 year old, who said we will always have it and since she is a photography nut it was worth it. I did pay over 600 bucks for it and was kicking myself in the ass on the way home, asking myself, why did I do that? Do I really need that much camera?


16.1MP APS-C sensor
Up to 10 fps shooting
Fast Hybrid AF with phase detection
Full HD movies at 60p/60i/24p
Built-in Wi-Fi® and NFC
180° tiltable touchscreen
Up to ISO 25600
E-mount 16-50mm lens

I brought it home and immediately began playing with it, I even instagrammed it trying to get some gratification for my purchase, but the truth is I only felt worse.

I made one video with it and discovered that I am not ready for that much camera. There were features on this camera I would never use or never need to use.

So I returned it and went for the original camera I went to look at. Yes it doesn't do all those fancy things the other one did, but the price difference takes a lot of guilt off of me.

I do like the ease of the camera, the portability and the price.

DO you feel guilty after making a impulse buy? I know I do.

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Things that ticked me off this past week

Things that ticked me off this past week

Okay, So we have made it through another week and here we are with another ticked off thursday.
You may be saying to yourself, hmm she gets ticked off a lot. I do, sometimes things just tick me off and I want to tell you about them :)

Things that ticked me off this past week.

I have noticed that my blog growth has slowed down since I have become more active, which makes no sense. When I did post as often, people followed more.

I also have a problem when I film my videos, it really takes alot out of me and I cant film with ease, but who does film with ease?

My editing software keeps crashing as I am doing more intricate stuff with my editing, so I had to switch to a better program, but its the free version and I cant afford the full version yet.

I signed up with to get some help in getting a better camera for videos and a lighting setup, but I chickend out and didn't post it, so it sitting on the website awaiting me to post it.

Now that I have though of these things I am ticked off again!
What has ticked you off this week?

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how to take nice blog photos

Okay, So word on the street is that not only do your blog posts have to be good, but also your photos.

I have been struggling for a while now with how to take good photos pf the products I review on my other blog. I have used many items to get the look I wanted, but something didn't feel right to me.

I used a place mat, a bed sheet, a blanket. I even used a fence once. But I wanted something more Fashionable, something more pretty or even beautiful. My daughter knew I was having a hard time with this for a while now, so one day she shows me a picture of a product with a gorgeous background and she told me I could accomplish this with my lap top and my phone. Then I immediately asked her if she took any drugs.

I mean this picture was amazing, I had to try it. So I am going to share with you how I accomplished this photo below.

how to take nice photos for your blog

Now I know it could be better, but it's way better then a bed sheet.  If you are still here then lets move on to the tutorial.

I used my Samsung Galaxy 3 and my laptop to accomplish this photo.

Step 1. 

Find a back ground you like. It can be anything you want, Google images is perfect for this. Save the Image to your hard drive.

Step 2.

Put the image into a software program that will allow you to preview it in full screen mode. This will block out any elements of your desk top giving you a full background.

Step 3.

Get something reflective, but not a mirror. I used a Good sized makeup Palette with a silver leather material.
It allows for reflection of the background, but won't show everything.

Step 4.

Get a lamp with a natural day light bulb and hang it over head. Use a sheet of paper or a white shower cap over the lamp to soften the glare.

Step 5.

Now this is the most important step! Place you item on your shiny surface, wipe it down as a matter of fact wipe everything down, dust can show up in camera too. Once everything is wiped down. Take a few shots with your camera and find the spot where you get the reflection of the surface and the background without seeing any of the lines from the monitor in the background. 

This will take a few shots to find this spot, but you will find it, try not to get to close to the screen as to not pick up your reflection in the background.

I hope this helps with your photos and if not let me know and I will create a more detailed tutorial.

Good Luck!