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Pissed off today!

I am so pissed off today! I want to fight and scream and yell. Everything I tried to get done today went down the drain. I tried to record some videos a review and some tags and I erased the memory card with all the footage on it! I couldn't record again, because my son was acting up and it was just a noisy day. I broke out on my face which I know isn't a reaction or hormonal, but from dust! every time I get near any kind of dust my face goes mental and I get tiny little bumps that want to eat my soul starting with my face, so its probably better I didn't post the videos because thats all I noticed while going through the footage.

I made a big mistake in setting up my filming and vanity area in our bedroom. The T.V is in the bedroom and thats where the child is! He doesn't watch much TV, but he just needs to be where it is, thats why I took it out of the living room. When he goes down for a nap my husband who is a music producer/mixer guy starts doing his thing and it gets pretty loud, so I cant film at those times either. ARGHH!! I just want my own space where I could close the door and do my thing just for a few hours.

I know this isn't very interesting, but I needed to get it out of me, there is it.

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Your Keywords and how to use them

Content is the biggest draw to your blog so, write, write and write some more. Just make sure your content focus is on your keywords or keyword phrase.

Keyword "makeup" Keywords phrase " how to apply makeup".

Make sure your content is useful within your niche.
Bring your content to your page on a regular basis or somewhat regular basis. this will help your rankings as new content refreshes your standing with search engines.

Links should use your key keyword phrase. If your target in the link is "pink blush" then your link should be "pink blush" instead of a "click here" link.

Place keyword phrases appropriately in text links, image ALT attributes and even your domain name.

People always ask about their labels for their blog posts. There is just one problem here.
Labels "keywords" in blogger are only for your blog itself and has nothing to do with search engines, they help the reader navigate your blog.

The top keywords for beauty bloggers niche.
Makeup, Beauty, Makeup Tips, Cosmetics, Make Up, Beauty Products.

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3 reasons your not getting comments

You write a post and expect some comments even if they aren't good, something is better then nothing!
And then it happens absolutely nothing, the crickets are louder then your comments.

Don't think it's your post! Don't think it isn't worthy of a comment! 99% of the time is it, except they cannot leave you that comment because they don't want to be signed up to another social media thingy.

I don't blame them. How many of us blogger owners has a wordpress account? be honest! 
I know I don't or maybe I do but I promise you I forgot the password.

This is a list of things that throw off comments from good blog post. 

Registered Users Only Allowed to Comment
WTF? We are on the interwebs people!! We are not supposed to be in little boxes. 
Allowing people to tell us who can and who cannot comment on your blog posts.

Only allow people with Blogger or Google accounts to comment
I want to reach a broader audience! Not just my Google+ followers. And I don't want me sharing my post to be my first comment! No body wants to comment on their own blog post unless its a reply!!

Comment Moderation
What happened to freedom of speech? Your going to shut me up before I say anything? I understand people want to keep the vulgarities and the bashing to a minimum, But lets be honest if you can't take a good bashing, Why do you blog? Why are you out there for the world to see? Comment Moderation should be used after the offence is committed not before.

Captcha boxes
I just don't like it.

I disabled google+ comments, anyone is free to comment.

How to you feel about the Commenting System, Captcha boxes, Comment Moderation?