Down in the dumps

Hello, My Beauties!

Today I wanted to share some personal stuff with you guys. I haven't been very active anywhere recently. I have just been so bummed out lately, I have gotten inspired but when it comes down to it. I cant get a word down or a video going. 

I don't enjoy applying my makeup anymore, I am not saying this is going to last, but I haven't even worn makeup in over a week other than a swatch or two. 

I realy feel I am getting depressed. I am tired all the time, I feel like that little ball in a zoloft commercial.
I know this is all in part of my personal life, so I don't want you to feel its about blogging, but I do know its effecting my blog.

Hopefully it will break soon and things will get better, I can't go anywhere but up from this point,  So Stick around I might post something interesting soon.

Have a great day, stay blessed :)

Images courtesy of Google, they have images for everything.