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Want to update your followers on interesting articles, videos and things you found online?
Clicking the share button on everything can get annoying. Good thing I have found a one stop site for everything you would like to share in a site newsletter type format.  allows you to do that for free.

When you sign up you create a paper and decide when you want it published, Daily, morning and evening editions or weekly.

You can link it to your YouTube account, Twitter, Facebook and Blog Through a RSS feed. You can even choose Keywords.

It will showcase your likes, comments and shares into cute little articles so your followers can see what you have been up to. There is even a little widget that goes into your bookmarks bar that allows you to share anything you find interesting and want featured on your paper.

I like this format because it allows me to feature blogs and videos of my fellow bloggers and YouTube videos that I love.

Is also allows you to customize the look of your paper, but this is limited in the free edition. The full editable version is $9 a month. I currently don't have any followers for it to be worth that, But if Its grows I will gladly pay the fee for a good looking newsletter.

As you can see here is features my latest post and a posts from a two friend of mine that I commented on.
This allows me to give myself a boost as well as a fellow bloggers.

I think this idea is great, as subscriptions grow your followers can keep up with you.
Right now I am on daily edition, but as I grow I will probably go up to weekly.

It also offers you a widget for your blog, so people can follow or view your newsletter from anywhere you place the code online.

Would you try
Here is a link to my paper
Subscribe and I will subscribe back, I look forward to reading your newsletter.

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Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette

Small, Sleek and Sexy are three words I can use to describe this palette from Urban Decay.
Featuring all matte shades it is perfect for everyday on the go use as well as an evening out.

With five colors in the neutral color range this palette can go from soft to dramatic in just a few swipes without a problem.

These pictures do not do this palette justice. They blend easily and feel like velvet.

Applied with a finger and no primer.

These colors are meant to enhance the eyes in a natural manner.
Making application effortless, leaving you with a flawless eye every time.

This Palette retails for $27.00

The Pros

All Matte Shades
Easy to work with.
Universal color scheme.
Pigmentation is high.

The Cons

I would like UD to make more all matte palettes.

Over all I am very happy with this palette and will continue to use it daily.

I purchased this product with my own money.
All thoughts and views are my own.

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Get your blog posts syndicated to FaceBook and Twitter automatically

If your a blogger, then you know how hard it is to constantly update your FB and Twitter accounts with your current blog posts. I have found a solution to this problem. You no longer need to do anything but write and publish your post. That's it.

Today I am going to show you how to syndicate your blog to Facebook and Twitter automatically. There is also the option to add your blog to linkdin if you have it.

This option is through a site called Networkedblogs, they are similar to Bloglovin.
You can follow and get followed very easily through a widget that you can add to your blogs side bar.

Here are the steps for syndication.

1. Sign up with
2. In your blogger tools section you will see a link for syndication.
3. Add your Facebook and twitter accounts.
4. Done.

Now when ever you publish a post Facebook and Twitter send out the message that you have a new post up!

The good thing is that on face book it isn't just a link to your post, its actual a small snippet of the actual post so your readers can get a glimpse of whats inside.

I really do like this idea way better then me looking like I am advertising my blog.

What Websites are you currently using for syndication?

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Urban Decay Naked Flushed

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

I Recently acquired the Urban Decay Naked Flush Bronzer/Highlihter/Blush trio during a trip to Ulta Beauty.
I have seen the trio talked about on the interwebs so I had to try it for myself.

First of all I love the packaging! it's so small and cute and it perfect for travel.

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

I  like that the dominant product is the bronzer in this palette, so as the seasons change so can your blush.

The Bronzer

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured with no flash

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured with flash

This bronzer has little to know shimmer and has a build-able quality leaving your bronzing options open.
Great for just defining your face or warming it up, this is a bronzer I will reach for often.

The Highlighter

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured without flash.

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured with flash.

This highlighter goes on smooth leaving behind a nice glow to the skin, enhancing and brightening.
I like how it doesn't over power but draws light to the face.

The Blush

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured without flash

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Pictured with flash

This blush adds a perfect wash of color to the skin bringing forth you, rather than the product itself.

UrbanDecay Naked Flushed

Swatches were applied heavily with finger application for photographic purposes.

As you can see through all three of these products my natural skin tone is still coming through. I like that they don't drown me out and allow me to come through. 

The Pros

Small packaging
Good amount of product
Not much shimmer in the bronzer
Buildable color
Not overpowering
Blush is universal

The Cons


So to wrap it up I am very happy with this trio and I know I will be using this product often. 
I am already in love with it!

This product retails for $30

This product was purchased with my own money.
All thoughts and views expressed are my own.

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Stila in the moment eye shadow palette

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and the weather has been kind.

The Makeup Squid has gone through some changes recently and I hope you like them.

Today I will be going through a new palette I picked up recently through my adventures in makeup land.
I will admit this was a impulse buy. No thought, rhyme or reason here, just sheer madness.

This is actually my second Stila purchase, so I am pretty excited!

First of all I love the little quotes inside of these palettes cute and inspiring.
Sarah Lucero is a makeup artist you can read about her at
If she had anything to do with the palette itself is unknown to me.

This palette boasts 10 colors and includes a eye liner.
The casing is card board. It has a very slim and sleek design it comes in a shimmery Lilac color.

The palette includes a full size Liner in a Purple shade called "Tetra".

The liner is a deep plum shade and had lavender glitter flecks in it.
The first swatch is with firm pressure, the second with a more light hand.
This stick applies smooth and does not tug on the skin.
It is a full sized and self sharpening.

The First Five Shadows

Instinct is a very shimmery white shade great for the inner eye area and brow bone highlight.

Impulse is a beautiful light shimmery pink, great for adding dimension to the center of the eye.

Glance is a Very fun and dramatic purple, great for a nice pop of color on any smokey eye.

Improvise is a deep plum shade with some shimmer in it, this color is a great crease color.

Catalyst is a soft black with flecks of silver here and there, great for a softer eye look.

These shadows were applied with a finger and no primer.

The Second Five Shadows

Desire is a lovely barley there color, great for blending and softening lines.

Wonder is a gorgeous peach shimmer that can be worn alone for a wash of color or as a accent color.

Spontaneous is a beautiful champagne shimmer that is perfect drawing attention to the eyes.

Whim is a brown/copper shimmer with gold flecks, worn alone or with others this is a great shadow.

Captivate is an amazing taupe shimmer color perfect for the crease or outer V.

These shadows were applied with a finger and no primer.

This palette includes a lookbook with some amazing looks. 

The Round Up

The Pros

Colors blend well
High color payoff
Good color range
Liner included
Cute case

The Cons

No matte shades

Final Thoughts

Even though I did not have my sites set on this palette, I am glad I picked it up.
Even though I have a thing for mattes I know I will be grabbing this palette to add a touch of shimmer and sparkle to many eye looks.

This product was purchased with my own money.
All thoughts and views expressed are my own.

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Blogs are like shopping

Blogging, Tips and advice.

Blogs are like shopping

Okay, we all know that this is a picture of a beauty aisle. It can be located at our local drugstore or a super market. I know that whenever I am in one of these places I am going down that aisle no matter how big of a rush I may be in, I always make time for this aisle no matter what.

Now, I do always go For my favorites first, pick up what I am running low on or checking to see if there is a sale on any of my regular items.

But what if a new product calls out to me through the corner of my eye? What if it been something I wanted to look at before but never got the chance to give it a look/see?  Is it the way they have it displayed that is drawing me closer? Is it next to a product I already love? Is it yelling at me I can fix, Enhance or Make things easier on your beauty routine?

If you haven't figured it out by now, I am talking about blog posts. Earlier today as I was tweeting a fellow blogger Kellie at who was in a conversation about how often to post to a blog.

Now, if we see the blogging community as a shopping aisle this will help to decide how often to post.
People will go for their favorites automatically, but maybe, just maybe,  you can catch there eye and get them to visit just like the new product in the shopping aisle I mentioned above.

Keep your posts coming, someone, somewhere out there, needs to hear what you have to say.
You ever noticed when picking up a product they put all the good information and key points upfront where you can see them quickly, turn it over and you have information that is even more important on the back, but lets face it the key words on the front brought me to the back of the product.

If you aren't getting feed back or views right away don't panic. Ask yourself this question. How many times do you have to see a product before you pick it up to look into it? For me this is about three to four times before I say okay let me see what this stuff is all about.

The look of the product is also important. Now I am not saying hire someone to redo your blog. But I am saying make it pleasant to look at, easy to read and most importantly only say what needs to be said.
We live in a  140 character society, so keep it short, simple and sweet :)

We read first with our eyes good photos that go along with your post draw people in. On blogger, bloglovin etc.. they show a large picture and a small caption about your post, so the pictures you use should be clear and relevant to your post, give them a reason to click through to your blog.

Think about nail polish, I can remember "I am not just a waitress" by O.P.I better then I can remember any other red colored polish. Why because I thought it was an awesome name for this red nail polish! yes, I say awesome, because its awesome :)

Make your post stand out instead of "Smokey Eye" why not "Seductive smokey eye that will drop his pants"
Silly but it made you think didn't it?

Think about beauty/fashion magazines their captions make us laugh, but we are turning the pages to find the article. I could go on but I won't. I have to practice what I preach. Wink, wink.

So to wrap this long winded post up, I am saying keep going, find ways to stand out. Your audience will find you. Hell, you found me and that means something :)

Remember blogs are like shopping we are always looking for something new and improved.

P.S If I offended you with the word "Hell". I said it again ;)

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How to get real twitter followers

how to get real twitter followers

When I started my twitter account @themakeupsquid I had a following of 0.
No friends to call and say hey! follow me. No one.

Currently I stand at 1500+ I have only been on twitter for around 3-4 months now and today I am going to share with you how to get real twitter followers.

I know there are sites out there who say they can I've you tons of followers for a price, BUT!
I can promise you they won't interact with you and they probably won't me around much longer.
Millions of these accounts get deleted daily by twitter for spam, so you will just end up spending your money.

Before we begin your twitter reign lets go over some things.

1. Do you have a niche? If you have a niche you want to be followed and follow people within your niche.

2. Do you have your profile setup? When ever I follow or get followed I always look at the profile of the account holder. I check for a website, followers, followed, picture, recent tweets. These things tell me if this is a spam account or an actual person.

3. Do you have your Facebook account linked to your twitter? Before you do so please know that every tweet, retweet and  favorite will go to your face book time line. I personally like this in the fact that it keeps my Facebook page active even when I haven't looked at it in days. This is your preference and up to you.

Now that we have covered that let move on.

How to get real twitter followers

Go to someone in your niche this could be anyone, but you don't want a big name with 15k followers because you will get drowned out. Look for someone that has 1200 followers go to their followers the people that are following them and just go down the list and follow those people.

The reason you are following them is because they are interested in your niche and will most likely follow you back. Don't follow all 1200 in one day follow around 50 from that one person.

Twitter lets you follow and unfollow 150 people a day. You don't want twitter to flag you for spam so don't go crazy with the following.

Do this again in a day or so to someone else within your niche lather, rinse repeat.
If you continue this for a few days your followers will grow.

Interact with your followers, retweet, thank your new followers for following publicly not in direct message.
This way their followers will see they followed you and may want to follow you too!

After the first 500 followers I stopped doing the follow thing and my twitter now has a life of its own.
I always make a rule to follow back and check often for people who have stopped following me and have returned the kindness. A**holes.

If you would like you can follow me on twitter I always follow back.

Good Luck!

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Removing time and date from your blog posts

When I am reading a blog and I see the date it was written it takes away the value of the information given.
I mean if I am searching for something and a post is dated 3 years ago I will skip it, but if it is current within a year or so I will read through.

You can make all your post timeless, by doing a little work in your blog settings.

The Blogger version is pretty simple.

Go into your settings menu, then click on language and formatting.

Date headeris where you can choose your option to only show the day of the week the post was published instead of the day/month/year format.

Timestamp Format: Is where you adjust the time the post was written, rather than 12:89pm date/month/year format.

The comment section is important also, I always read the date when a comment was posted so do the same for then too.

Comment Timestamp Format: Make sure you set the time to the same and the timestamp format above in the last step.

Click save settings and your posts are timeless :)

This is not a good format for blogs about things pertaining to time and dates.

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Finding your Blog name

Finding blog name is important if you want to stick around for a while.

This blog was called Makeup, beauty and me.
When I realized I was posting more on blogging advice
rather then makeup beauty or me, I knew it was time for a change. The name I had chosen didn't have anything to do with what I was saying. I know some people probably got confused because of the change, but it's better it happened now rather then later.

 Finding a universal name can be very hard if you want an online presence, everything will need to match in some way. the "MakeupSquid" wasn't very hard because no one is named the "MakeupSquid besides me.

But interwebschic was a bit of a hassle. I wanted a blog name that had something to do with the "Net" and at the same time have a female voice.

 I don't want a different twitter identity, But you should have one main twitter account to represent you online. This name should match somewhat across all platforms of social media.

 If you are a new blog and aren't happy with your blog name, change it now before while no one is noticing. Make it something that represents you, your personal style and give the readers a general idea of what your writing about.

There is a website called that helped me find both of my blog names. They ask for info like your hobbies, likes,etc.. and a keyword and they generate hundreds of names for you to chose from. Through this site you can see if your chosen name is available on all social media platforms.

This site really makes finding your online identity very simple and I like simple.

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How to create a favicon

Whats a favicon?

A Favicon is the little graphic on your page tabs on your favorite browser, they are also listed right next to the names of the links in your favorites.

This is a good form of branding, Look at my favicon on my page tab, its that little pink bow :).

every brand needs a favicon, I mean we all the the blogger icon right? That orange B, or that blue G from the Google home page. Well you want one too right?

I am going to show you how to make one of those awesome little icons for your own blog or website.

First you need an image this image can be anything you want it to be, but it must be a even square.
500x500, 1000x1000, as long as it is even it will work.

You can make one yourself if you like but it isn't necessary. You can take your blog button and turn it into a favicon or your face if you like.

I went through a google images and did a search for royalty free png. graphics and found my bow.

png. is the best file format as it is a transparent graphic.

once you have found your image go to 

1. click import image
2. choose your file
3. click the shrink to square icon option
4. Click upload

Now you are going to see a bad pixelated version of your image, don't panic.

Click the download button and save the ico file to your machine.

Now log into your blogger account and go to your layout page. and on the top left corner
you will see a favicon widget thingy. Click it and upload your file!

This will take a few minuets to show up on your page, but its there I promise.
I added my blog to my favorites and i shows my favicon right next to my page name I love it!!

I hope this help! if you need any more help please let me know, Good Luck!

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Whats a Niche? Do I need one?

If you are blogging you have probably heard the phrase "your niche" floating around.

Well today I am going to explain what a niche is, as well as if you need a niche to blog.

I Personally don't feel you need a niche, but the blogging Gods say that you do.

You can expand your niche, I have a beauty blog that I used to add blogging tips and tricks to.
And actually those were my most responded and viewed posts.

But I did not like that  I was writing more about blogging tips than beauty.
So I created a second blog that focus more on blogging advice and the whole makeup of my beauty blog.

So the Gods are correct a niche is needed.

A niche covers your subject matter, Makeup, fashion, family, food. Pretty much what ever your passionate about is your niche.

Do you need to be an expert? Nope.
As long as you love it, you can write about it.

You can expand your niche from "makeup" to "nail colors" and so on, but it should stay within your boundaries. Don't write and Makeup and Fishing, unless your write about wearing makeup while fishing.

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Your Keywords and how to use them

Content is the biggest draw to your blog so, write, write and write some more. Just make sure your content focus is on your keywords or keyword phrase.

Keyword "makeup" Keywords phrase " how to apply makeup".

Make sure your content is useful within your niche.
Bring your content to your page on a regular basis or somewhat regular basis. this will help your rankings as new content refreshes your standing with search engines.

Links should use your key keyword phrase. If your target in the link is "pink blush" then your link should be "pink blush" instead of a "click here" link.

Place keyword phrases appropriately in text links, image ALT attributes and even your domain name.

People always ask about their labels for their blog posts. There is just one problem here.
Labels "keywords" in blogger are only for your blog itself and has nothing to do with search engines, they help the reader navigate your blog.

The top keywords for beauty bloggers niche.
Makeup, Beauty, Makeup Tips, Cosmetics, Make Up, Beauty Products.

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My YouTube channel updates!

Hi Everyone! I hope all your holidays are going well!

I recently joined a Facebook group called YouTube beauty gurus.
I left a message on the board introducing myself and my channel and I got 8 new subbies from their in the first few minuets after my post.

I now stand at 181 YouTube subscribers. My channel is
Check it out and sub if you can I always sub back.

I am unsure what the invitation process is but I am sure they are accepting new members, it a great group and they are very supportive so far.

They do have some group rules though, Saturday and Sunday are the only days you can promote your channel in the group. The rest of the week they exchange ideas and tips for your channels so definitely check them out. YouTubeBeautyGurus.

Also I had a mix up with They are a blogging network for women. I copied one of my recent posts to their site and it was blocked for spam or what they thought was spam. I thought is was about my post. The subject matter of the post was wearing makeup while doing the nasty. And I thought they blocked it for that reason, but it was a system thing, We got it all straightened out and my account was reinstated.
This is a great site to connect with other bloggers and they have amazing women giving great advice on anything from family to blogging.

I tried to add livefyre to my blog, Livefyre is a commenting system just like Disqus. I really hate the Google/Blogger commenting system and want to change but I don;t know much about code to add it without screwing anything up, so I am going to stay with blogger comments with everything turned off.

So those are my updates for this week.

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Get your blog buzz going

Here are a few tips from the interwebs I found that may help you get the buzz going on your blog.

1. Your aim should be to create content that people want to read and share.
2. Be true to the goals you set out for your blog: Are you providing valuable information?  Are you provoking conversation?  Are you commenting on trending topics?
3. Use target keywords, use these key words in your title and blog post.
4. Share your link on all social media

Here are some tips to grow your social media presence.


1. Find and like 5 new pages in your niche.
2. Post about 2 interesting topics related to your niche.
3. Update your Facebook page daily if you have one.
4. Ask people to comment, like and share your posts.


1. Send at least 3 new tweets daily. Make them fun and interesting.
2. Re-tweet 2 interesting tweets daily
3. Follow 10 new people per week.


1. Add 5 new people to your circle each week.
2. Share blog posts at least twice a day ( make sure you share to public)


1. Post images from your blog as pins leading back to you blog.
2. Add 1 new board that contains 6 new pins each week.
4. Always use keywords pin description and board titles.
5. Follow 5 new pin boards each week in your niche.


1. Subscribe to 3 new channels in your niche each week.
2. Find 3 new videos each week to share on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

I hope this helps, wishing you the best of luck.
Laurie M.


Do you wear Makeup while doing the nasty?

Okay, I have to admit it. Wearing makeup sets the mood for me when it comes to doing the deed.
I mean I don't feel sexy in sweats and hubbys T-shirt after a day of cleaning, cooking, laundry, kids or anything else the day may throw at me. I have to feel sexy in order to have sex.

Are you still reading?
Google Images

I like to prepare myself so that I have some kind of feeling towards it, if not just do what you have to do, I am tired. My husband tells me all the time how beautiful I am etc.. But I have to feel these things about myself before I can convey any of my instincts to him. Maybe I am crazy?

Makeup does this for me. I can be seductive, Sultry or any of those other "S" words.
Google Images

Now I am not saying I have to look like them, But I do want to feel empowered like them.

Looking beautiful is one thing but feeling it, puts you on a whole other level and makeup gives me that.

Full Faced, Falsies and all C'mon hubby lets go to bed.

Do you wear makeup while doing the nasty?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

My Christmas wish for you

Well, it's Christmas! A time for giving, loving and reflecting on family and good friendships.

I am going to be honest money is tight this year so stamps are way out of my price range, so I decided to send out a big warm Christmas hug to all my blogging family! And yes you are all my blogging family.

I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.
I wish you Love, Happiness and Joy the whole year through. I wish all your worries, troubles and doubts become non existent this coming year. I hope your goals, wishes and dreams come to pass in this coming year.

I really love all my blogging sisters and brothers and I am thankful for the chance to get to know each and everyone of you!

Thank you for making my blogging journey more wonderful then I ever expected :)
You Ladies have taken beauty to a whole other level.

Your Squid,
Laurie M.


3 reasons your not getting comments

You write a post and expect some comments even if they aren't good, something is better then nothing!
And then it happens absolutely nothing, the crickets are louder then your comments.

Don't think it's your post! Don't think it isn't worthy of a comment! 99% of the time is it, except they cannot leave you that comment because they don't want to be signed up to another social media thingy.

I don't blame them. How many of us blogger owners has a wordpress account? be honest! 
I know I don't or maybe I do but I promise you I forgot the password.

This is a list of things that throw off comments from good blog post. 

Registered Users Only Allowed to Comment
WTF? We are on the interwebs people!! We are not supposed to be in little boxes. 
Allowing people to tell us who can and who cannot comment on your blog posts.

Only allow people with Blogger or Google accounts to comment
I want to reach a broader audience! Not just my Google+ followers. And I don't want me sharing my post to be my first comment! No body wants to comment on their own blog post unless its a reply!!

Comment Moderation
What happened to freedom of speech? Your going to shut me up before I say anything? I understand people want to keep the vulgarities and the bashing to a minimum, But lets be honest if you can't take a good bashing, Why do you blog? Why are you out there for the world to see? Comment Moderation should be used after the offence is committed not before.

Captcha boxes
I just don't like it.

I disabled google+ comments, anyone is free to comment.

How to you feel about the Commenting System, Captcha boxes, Comment Moderation?


When do you wear false lashes?

I was in a blogger forum today and someone asked "when do you wear false lashes?" And it struck me, I wear falsies a lot! I didn't always, but I sure do love me some lashes now.

I wear them when I want some extra flare added to my eye looks, I love dramatic eyes! I bought some lashes off of Ebay a few years ago when I first started wearing falsies, they came all the way from China so it took forever but I loved them even though I didn't see them yet.

When they arrived they were plastic! And in order to wear them I had to soak them in makeup remover to get the unglued from the packaging! It was hilarious but I loved them anyway.

False Lashes can get very expensive, even at the drug store the lowest I have seen were from $4.99 to $7.00 a pair. I hated buying them. 1. I am a cheap ass. 2. One time wear ain't worth no $7.00 if I don't have a special occasion to attend.

I learned the difference between human hair and plastic lashes, I learned how to preserve my lashes for future use, I even learned how to split one pair of lashes in two for a nice cat eye looking lash. But I could never pay that much for them!

On a trip to L.A, My sister and I went downtown for some shopping. This place is like a circus, anything and everything you could ever want is within a 6-8 block radius. I asked if there were any beauty supply shops in the area and we were lead down the street. 

This place was no bigger then a walk in closet, with the walls covered in lashes!! They had the largest selection I had ever seen!! I was in heaven, so many styles and colors it was truly amazing and the best part is they were only $1.50 a piece!! These lashes are exact dupes for Wild Cherry Lashes.

I picked up about $40.00 worth and by the time I gave some to the girls I still had enough to last me a whole year! I repurchased another bag full at a swapmeet in Vegas. And I never paid full price for lashes again!

So to answer the question, I wear lashes all the time.

Do you wear falsies?

Blogger and Google+ Monopoly

I have been on a mission with my blog concerning comments. I want everyone to be able to comment on my posts not only google+ users. This has been a fight to the finish and alas Google+ has won. For now.
Image source

I fought with this widget for 3 hours today, I tell no lies!
I editing code, changed my template, went through blogger and around blogger and still nothing.

Google+ is making it very hard for anyone with a blog through blogger to comment through anything except Google+

What if I hate Google+? What if my readers hate Google+? Are they expecting us to convert people and force them to sign up for a Google+ account?

Now fair! And I will see my way around the monopoly Google has on this commenting system.
I changed my setting in the comments to remove google+ comments and they were all erased, so I had to add it back to get my comments back. What's up with that?

Also I added my site to feed burner, there is life out there beyond Twitter, Facebook and Google+.
I also added my blog to feedly, there is a follow button somewhere on this blog maybe to your right.

I have been excepted on the shespeaks network, it is supposed to be good for bloggers but it doesn't allow you to import your blog to the site like Lucky or Glipho. I Think two blogs is enough.

If you would like info on how to get a feed for your blog let me know and I will do a step by step tutorial.

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Laurie M.

What happened to the Google join this site button on your blog?

Have you been wondering what happened to the Google join this site button on your blog?

I don't know why they (Google) hid this gadget, when in my opinion this little gadget helps blogs show up in your blogger feed. this gadget is just as important as a Bloglovin button.

Well its still there, just in a different location.

Today I am going to show you where Blogger hid one of our favorite widgets.

1. Head over to your menu in blogger.

2. Go to The layout tab.

3. Go to the More Gadgets tab.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and there she is in all her glory!

Add the gadget where you want her on your blog and your ready to go.

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