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Since the weather has been changing my skin has been freaking out! My pigmentation and cystic acne has been acting up, I recently recieved a product for review from and you wouldnt guess how lucky I am! I won a giveaway from the beautiful Hope Aslinger over at Beauty&Bliss, She gave away a product from the same company, so I decided to write a review on both products, don't you love twofers?

Reviva Labs

About the Company:

  • Reviva Labs has introduced many groundbreaking concepts since its inception in 1973
  • For over 40 Years Reviva Labs has been producing all natural skin-care products that help leave your skin healthier and more youthful-looking.
  • Reviva Labs goal in the beginning as it is today – is to bring consumers skin treatments that produce visible results…safe products, priced reasonably… and in any way we can, to utilize our over 40 years of skin – salon experience to offer helpful skin-care advice and information for the wide variety of individual skin problems or needs.

We have never tested our products on animals and we are paraben free.
(Look Sissi! at Beauty4Free2u)

Reviva's Facial Cleansers are Lotions or Milks (our natural, organic soaps are here). While soaps are excellent surface cleansers and fine for the body, for the face, Reviva recommends Lotions because they reach deeper into pores to flush our makeup deposits or environmental debris and pollutants.

Reviva's all-natural cleansing lotions & milks safely remove dirt and grime of daily life 
without irritating or drying the skin.

Hawaiian Seaweed Facial Cleansing Milk

Hawaiian Seaweed Facial Cleansing Milk is a mineral-rich, milky seaweed cleanser 
that helps to eliminate toxins as it cleanses.#111
Hawaiian Seaweed’s valuable minerals help energize skin as the milky cleanser 
easily lifts out dirt, makeup and environmental debris.
Only $8.00 each

This Cleanser feels like a lotion but acts like a cleanser that you can actually feel. I like to keep this one in the shower, It feels great combined with the steam and it removes does remove makeup, not makeup junkie makeup, but everyday makeup, yes! I do like this product and I also like that it is the same price as most drugstore cleansers and it very gentle on your face especially when you're going through a break out.

Glycolic Acid Daytime Oily Skin Cream

Reduces blemish-causing bacteria via mild exfoliation#209
Does not overdry the skin, as many oily skin treatments will. Reduces blemish-causing bacteria
through mild exfoliation. Combats blemishes & helps normalize oily skin as it provides daytime protection.
Only $19.00 each

When I recieved this as usual I didn't read anything I just slopped it on and OUCH! it stung. So I immediately washed it off and decided to read the directions. LOL I found out that you're not supposed to slop it on, but work in small sections of your face. 

This product is a little more pricier, but this jar will last forever as you are only supposed to apply a thin film to your face. I noticed results while going through a break out and this stuff works! I have seen a major difference in my skin and I am loving it!

While searching the net for what the heck Glycolic Acid is I found a wonderful Article by Daisy  at DaisyDabbles on Glycolic acid and its uses, please check this out its amazing.


I am giving away one bottle of  Hawaiian Seaweed Facial Cleansing Milk & Glycolic Acid Daytime Oily Skin Cream courtesy of
US residents only. Sorry but its the companies policy, I will have a international giveaway soon!

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Have a great day, Stay blessed :)

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