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Hello, My Beauties!

First of all I want to say thanks to everyone who has helped my blog move along, I now have 99 followers on bloglovin, I know its nowhere near the 395 I had on TheMakeupSquid, but it has only been less then two weeks since the move, so I am doing great thanks to you all, love you bunches :)

I know bloglovin isn't the only blog following service out there, but the beauty community on their is huge and very helpful to any up and coming beauty blogger. I do follow many blogs on Bloglovin almost 400 in fact and to be honest,  I try to visit all of them and show some love, but here are only a select few that I visit everyday or every other day.  How do I sort through them? well..

Bloglovin gives you the option of creating a favorites list, this list is where you can put your favorites and this really helps, when you wanna find them quickly and easily. Why do I follow so many blogs?

Because I love supporting my fellow bloggers and I feel we need to support each other in anyway we can, even if they just sit there in my feed. I know  I have 99 followers, but out of that only about 10 people actually read or comment on my posts and thats ok with me :)

I was going to make a list of the blogs that are in my favorites, but that would be a very long list! My point is you don't have to read the blog to follow it, but support it anyway you can, we are a special breed of blogger and who knows maybe one of those random follows, just might become your next favorite, I know this has happened with me many times over again!

Have a great day, stay blessed :)

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