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Dont give Up

Hello, My Beauties!

Today I want to touch on a subject that hits every one of us every so often, especially in the blogging community. Discouragement. It hits us when things don't go as planned, when we don't get visits,  comments or likes on our instagram photos. So today I want to tell you with a big loud voice, 


Bloglovin Challenge

Okay so here is the problem, I have a Bloglovin button on both of my blogs and they are getting quite the attention lately. I am not complaining, but I do have a personal policy to follow anyone who follows me especially on Bloglovin. So my problem is I haven't been very fair. I have followed everyone back who is following me, But have I read any one those posts? Nope, not a one. And I feel this is terrible of me as a follower of any blog. I mean I would hate to have all these followers and they don't or wont read my posts.

So, I am putting myself to the challenge of actually reading the blogs I am subscribed to. I am calling it the Bloglovin Challenge. I did however have to hit the dreaded marks all as read button, so I can get a fresh start. I don't know how many blogs I follow through Bloglovin, but I will attempt to read and comment on as many as I can as they are posted. I will leave a comment and a link behind every post.

What are your Bloglovin habits? Do you actually use Bloglovin?

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How to get real twitter followers

how to get real twitter followers

When I started my twitter account @themakeupsquid I had a following of 0.
No friends to call and say hey! follow me. No one.

Currently I stand at 1500+ I have only been on twitter for around 3-4 months now and today I am going to share with you how to get real twitter followers.

I know there are sites out there who say they can I've you tons of followers for a price, BUT!
I can promise you they won't interact with you and they probably won't me around much longer.
Millions of these accounts get deleted daily by twitter for spam, so you will just end up spending your money.

Before we begin your twitter reign lets go over some things.

1. Do you have a niche? If you have a niche you want to be followed and follow people within your niche.

2. Do you have your profile setup? When ever I follow or get followed I always look at the profile of the account holder. I check for a website, followers, followed, picture, recent tweets. These things tell me if this is a spam account or an actual person.

3. Do you have your Facebook account linked to your twitter? Before you do so please know that every tweet, retweet and  favorite will go to your face book time line. I personally like this in the fact that it keeps my Facebook page active even when I haven't looked at it in days. This is your preference and up to you.

Now that we have covered that let move on.

How to get real twitter followers

Go to someone in your niche this could be anyone, but you don't want a big name with 15k followers because you will get drowned out. Look for someone that has 1200 followers go to their followers the people that are following them and just go down the list and follow those people.

The reason you are following them is because they are interested in your niche and will most likely follow you back. Don't follow all 1200 in one day follow around 50 from that one person.

Twitter lets you follow and unfollow 150 people a day. You don't want twitter to flag you for spam so don't go crazy with the following.

Do this again in a day or so to someone else within your niche lather, rinse repeat.
If you continue this for a few days your followers will grow.

Interact with your followers, retweet, thank your new followers for following publicly not in direct message.
This way their followers will see they followed you and may want to follow you too!

After the first 500 followers I stopped doing the follow thing and my twitter now has a life of its own.
I always make a rule to follow back and check often for people who have stopped following me and have returned the kindness. A**holes.

If you would like you can follow me on twitter I always follow back.

Good Luck!

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What happened to the Google join this site button on your blog?

Have you been wondering what happened to the Google join this site button on your blog?

I don't know why they (Google) hid this gadget, when in my opinion this little gadget helps blogs show up in your blogger feed. this gadget is just as important as a Bloglovin button.

Well its still there, just in a different location.

Today I am going to show you where Blogger hid one of our favorite widgets.

1. Head over to your menu in blogger.

2. Go to The layout tab.

3. Go to the More Gadgets tab.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the first page and there she is in all her glory!

Add the gadget where you want her on your blog and your ready to go.

If you like this post let me know, I will create more helpful post like this.
If you are having problems or need a solution let me know, I am always here.

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Laurie, M


From house to home

I am sitting here staring at the screen, worried about the fact that I have been away for so long, My YouTube channel has been dormant but steadily growing subscribers right now I stand at 171 subscribers.

My blog I stand at 50 followers of the blog, 174 follow my bloglovin profile and through Google I have 67 followers.

I have gotten some products sent to me to try out, but they are at my old address, I am having them forwarded here.  I also got a perk from klout that should be coming in I will have that forwarded also.

My camera is in the garage buried in a box under other boxes so I can't film anything. I am worried about my blog getting lost in a sea of other blogs.

I find myself posting here most of the time because I have nothing worthy for
I added some affiliate links on the side bar, they are getting clicks here and there but nothing special.

I am worried I have clouded up the side bar, I have to figure out a way to make it look, not so much like a circus. I have been considering changing the layout again, not the banner I love the banner, but the lay out itself I feel needs a redo.

I think I am going to make the links smaller. I have ideas for posts, but I am unable to get them on the blog at this time. I really need some type of notebook for post ideas.

I need to take this step by step. A blog is like a new house or apt. Its a blank canvas that needs love and some decor. Nothing will stay in its original place, but as time goes on, everything will find its permanent place and become a home.

How to take my blog from house home?

Change blog layout.
Stream line the affiliate links.
Format my posts.

Laurie M.



Bloglovin is a site that allows you to follow your favorite blogs from any device.

However it does have one flaw that I have found.

When you add your blog to Bloglovin you have to paste a code onto your blog to claim it as your blog, which is fine and dandy.

But this is just a way for them to know you are the owner of said blog.

The second step is to add a follow this blog button which is fine and dandy, they do have some cute buttons that will go with any style layout however there is something they don't tell you!

As you can see the top buttons ask you to follow me, which means the persons profile NOT their blog.

This is becoming an issue with people gaining personal followers on bloglovin but not their blog.

It is best to choose an icon button or the blue or pink button for actual blog followers.
When you click on the follow button make sure it is the blog itself you follow and not the Author.
otherwise you will only get notifications of their actions and not of the blog itself.

I have lost over 40+ followers by looking into this, so please be careful with which button you choose!

Thanks for reading and have a great day!