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Dreaming Your Dream

A Dream is a wish your heart makes, so says Princess Aurora in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. 
I believe this is true and I also believe our dreams aren't easy to follow.

Life can surprise us and take us for a loop, turn us upside down and inside out in a second.
If you're still passionate about your dream after all of that, then its worth pursuing. There are times when I question what I do, with so many people asking why do you do this if it serves no purpose to you.

The problem is, they don't see what I see. They don't see my long term goal or my vision becoming a reality.
Are you going to give up on what I want because someone else can't see it? 

Dreaming your dream is what makes it all worth it.
So you keep dreaming little dreamer.

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From house to home

I am sitting here staring at the screen, worried about the fact that I have been away for so long, My YouTube channel has been dormant but steadily growing subscribers right now I stand at 171 subscribers.

My blog I stand at 50 followers of the blog, 174 follow my bloglovin profile and through Google I have 67 followers.

I have gotten some products sent to me to try out, but they are at my old address, I am having them forwarded here.  I also got a perk from klout that should be coming in I will have that forwarded also.

My camera is in the garage buried in a box under other boxes so I can't film anything. I am worried about my blog getting lost in a sea of other blogs.

I find myself posting here most of the time because I have nothing worthy for
I added some affiliate links on the side bar, they are getting clicks here and there but nothing special.

I am worried I have clouded up the side bar, I have to figure out a way to make it look, not so much like a circus. I have been considering changing the layout again, not the banner I love the banner, but the lay out itself I feel needs a redo.

I think I am going to make the links smaller. I have ideas for posts, but I am unable to get them on the blog at this time. I really need some type of notebook for post ideas.

I need to take this step by step. A blog is like a new house or apt. Its a blank canvas that needs love and some decor. Nothing will stay in its original place, but as time goes on, everything will find its permanent place and become a home.

How to take my blog from house home?

Change blog layout.
Stream line the affiliate links.
Format my posts.

Laurie M.