Things that ticked me off this past week

Things that ticked me off this past week

Okay, So we have made it through another week and here we are with another ticked off thursday.
You may be saying to yourself, hmm she gets ticked off a lot. I do, sometimes things just tick me off and I want to tell you about them :)

Things that ticked me off this past week.

I have noticed that my blog growth has slowed down since I have become more active, which makes no sense. When I did post as often, people followed more.

I also have a problem when I film my videos, it really takes alot out of me and I cant film with ease, but who does film with ease?

My editing software keeps crashing as I am doing more intricate stuff with my editing, so I had to switch to a better program, but its the free version and I cant afford the full version yet.

I signed up with to get some help in getting a better camera for videos and a lighting setup, but I chickend out and didn't post it, so it sitting on the website awaiting me to post it.

Now that I have though of these things I am ticked off again!
What has ticked you off this week?

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