4 tips to self worth

Hello, My Beauties!

Sometimes we have to let life take its course. How long can you fight it? Life will always win. We try and try many times to make life what we want it to be only to realize that what we need is way better and much sweeter than  what we want.

I always felt that I could never completely trust anyone when it came to the direction of my life, I always felt know one knew what they were doing. I will admit I am a bit of a control freak, but being able to let go and sit in the passenger seat for a while is an amazing thing. 

You feel that awesome release and you are able to breathe again! I know I have lost, but I have gained so much more than I have ever imagined. I will admit it bothers me about the kids, right now they are all scattered, but this won't last forever.

I see so many people around me who choose to be unhappy at the mercy of someone else and I find this very sad. I mean where is your sense of self worth? It's all complaints about this or that, but they never bother to ask the one question. one very important question. Where do I come in, in all this? 

Why aren't you thinking about what this person is doing to you, instead of what they aren't doing for you?

I feel that people in this generation have lost their sense of self worth. At what point does one say to themselves, I am not worthy? I strongly feel this needs to change and people shouldn't settle for anything less than what they truly want.

1. Always remember who you are.
2. Never forget what you have accomplished.
3. Don't play the fool for no one.
4. Remember there is only one of you, so be the best at it.
5. If no one approves of your actions, tell them to close their eyes.

As long as your are not breaking the Law or hurting anyone you are free to move about the cabin ;)

Have a nice day, stay blessed :)

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