No Foundation, No Problem!

Ever wonder how your going to get a flawless look without foundation? ever try to figure out how the hell am I not going to melt in the heat?                

Living in this hot climate makes it pretty difficult, but I think I have come up with a solution that has been helping me look put together without all that heaviness on my face.  I am not claiming my face is flawless, but I am getting pretty close ;)                            

In a hot climate it is very important to exfoliate and keep moisturized, especially if you are prone to breakouts like I am. sweat, dirt and yes makeup can break you out. Protecting your skin is key to achieve this flawless or as close to flawless look.

In the heat I like Serums more than I like moisturizers so I apply both, serums are a bit thicker and more moisturizing than regular moisturizers and I like the way they place this protective shield on my face, they probably don't, but I like to tell myself that, and the fact that they feel amazing on is a big plus!

Reviva Labs High Potency Elastin Serum

This serum claims to boost skin firmness, fight against loose skin and wrinkles.
I love the way it feels when applied to a freshly cleaned face. I feel it tightening my skin and creates a shield against the elements such as heat and perspiration.

I also love that there is an expiration date on the bottle letting me know when it is time to renew.
The pump lets out a perfect amount of product every time!! Great Job Reviva! 

This bad boy retails for $27 U.S for 1 oz. of product which goes a long way.

I do love everything I have received so far from Reviva Labs, They are an amazing company with products that speak for themselves.

For more information on this Company and their products check them out at:

Here is a pic we took later that night, I promise there is no foundation on my face!! But I contoured like a mofo ;) hehe.

Have a Great day, stay blessed :)

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