Whats been happening! UPDATE

Hello, My Beauties.

I know I have been gone for a while and most of you have been have sent me messages as to where I have been an whats been going on with me. Well, you should ask what did not happen instead. 

As you know my David my ex and I seperated in late may early june, during this time my dad decided it was time for the family to get together, so I hopped on a train to get to my sisters, so we can drive down to Las Vegas to spend some time with him.

During that two weeks a lot took place, things got hectic with David and the separation procedures. I started getting close Donald to someone I have been attracted to for a while now and things just went from there. I know this has nothing to do with beauty or makeup, but I feel you all needed an update.

I am currently living in Miami with Donald and there is just way to much to get into, but things have calmed down and I am back to blogging. I will probably be using a mac book to film and what not.

I have missed everyone and can't wait to catch up!

If you have any questions, lets have them :)

Thanks for reading, have a blessed day.

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