My Favorite Products

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Hello, My Beauties! 

I hope your weekend went well, mine was nice and relaxing. I got to play with my makeup which I haven't done in a while, I mostly just took Instagram photos, filmed about 6 videos and I won a giveaway! I will share what I won with you all as soon as I recieve it, I so excited, my mouth was watering when I entered hehe :) Speaking of giveaways have you entered my Get Better Skin giveaway? please click the banner if you haven't! 

Anyhoo, over the weekend as I was filming a random video, I decided to call it a favorites video, because in it I talk about products I am loving currently. I dont usually do these types of videos, because everyone is doing them  and I like being different, I won't do these every month because blah, but here goes nothing :)

If you like this type of video, let me know I may do more.

Have a great day, Stay blessed :)

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