Ticked Off Thursday!

Well, its Thursday and as you can tell I am ticked off!

I am going to share with you the things that tick me off and being an interwebs chic.

Blog following

It ticks me off when people visit a blog and ask for a follow or sub, then say if you follow me I will follow you back. WTF is that? Most bloggers follow back whoever follows them, at least I do. So follow the blog and get followed back! Don't make me jump through hoops to follow you. make it easy and all will be well.

Maybe I am just lazy, but going through my emails is way easier then having to search the net for you to follow you! And most smart phones don't show the follow button when viewing from your phone. But if you follow the blogger will get notified and click the link to follow back. So simple, so nice.

Blog Wars

WTF is this! we are not on a playground anymore fighting for a swing. I know you have to be aggressive to get ahead, but come on this is just mental. I don't see how this makes any sense or benefits anyone. The way I see it is like this. We blog about our passions and hope that one day we can do what we are passionate about for a living, right? Well so is everyone else! Now If I have a group of friends and one is finally getting somewhere and making a name for themselves and I am going to bash them? NO! why? because this person is a colleague of mine and if they mention me or TAG me or anything on their way up, I get some PR work done for free and everyone wins! I am truly happy for my friend and I get a mention hear and there. No harm, no foul. So be nice to people they may pass you by or take you with them on the way up.


I am all for a good giveaway and I do enter many of them. But what ticks me off about them are the people who enter them.  the rules in any giveaway are to Follow, subscribe, like and tweet so far. But people are unsubbing and unfollowing after the giveaway is up! SO all that hard work all that networking is for nothing!

Now, I know that if the giveaway host is someone I wont follow after the giveaway I wont enter plain and simple. I enter because I like you and what your giveaway. A lot of times my blog friends have giveaways and I don't enter, not to be a bitch but, to give someone a chance that doesn't know them or their blog, YouTube channel a chance, what I will do it tweet about it and share the giveaway but not enter.

I know their are more things that tick me off but I cant think of them right now, so I will save them for next time.

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