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Sometimes holding on is harder.

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Hello, My Beauties!

Well do I have an update and half for you! where do I begin, How do I begin? I guess I should start with the day before yesterday. I woke up and went running errands trying to figure out how I am going to keep a family of 4 clothed, fed and sheltered. 


How to Spend your First Day Alone

How to spend your first day alone

The first day alone will be pretty calm and quiet, even though there wasn't much talking going on anyway. There is a serenity about it. you feel like a weight has been lifted. The day even looks a little different. You wake up with a sense of what do you want to do for you today. Here are some ideas that you can do on your


Lounge out.

I am wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket right now sitting by a window with a cup of coffee. I love lounging out, fermenting, just sitting and pretty much doing nothing.


 After lounging I will go to a little diner I know and have a small breakfast. I find that eating light on your first day is best, you don't want to feel heavy. But if thats your thing then knock yourself out, this is about you right?


After breakfast, come back home and look at your place or room, where ever you are. If you lived with someone or not an environmental change will help. Move all their stuff to the garage or basement. You dont want to start a war over what's mine, what's yours, so be fair and put them somewhere safe and dry. The change in scenery will feel good.


Taking your time is so important right now. Nothing needs to be done in a day, do little things that make a big impact. You shouldn't want to talk to them right now. It  will confuse the situation more, if they do call, just have a as needed conversation but nothing more, be civil, not rude and let the conversation come to a close. whether they say you have an attitude or not shouldnt matter to you. You're talking a break and if they cant understand that then too bad.

Now I am going to go and enjoy my FDA. What would you do on your FDA? (First Day Alone).

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