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What's up With that Laurie girl?!

Welcome to That Laurie Girl. first off I want to explain why I changed my blog.

First of all, I didn't want to be just TheMakeupSquid. I know it was unique and all, but I really felt cornered and nobody puts baby in a corner. Right? (dirty dancing reference for all you youngins)

Truth is I want to blog about other things than just makeup and beauty. I found myself overwhelmed with doing a beauty, techy type and relationship blog. I had three blogs going!  I was going nuts, so I decided to combine all three.

This time I am using my real name in the title, even though I will always be Squiddy to some :)

My goal for this blog is to be about a lil of everything, I mean I am not just a makeup junkie.
I'm a mom, wife, woman, and all those other things, so I will blog about, what I want to blog about, when I want to blog about it. No matter what it's about it will fit in ThatLaurieGirl  Because I am not just about one thing, I am about a lot of things :) Whew! That felt great! I hope you stick around as I will be posting all kinds of stuff here and importing a lot of posts from my other blogs.  This message will be posted on all my other blogs, so please give a follow and help me spread the word, Thanks in advance!

Love you guys xoxo, ThatLaurieGirl.