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Just let it go...

Just let it go...

The other day was one of those days where I felt like I was pulling teeth. I took a shower, Exfoliated, moisturized, plucked my brows, dried and styled my hair and was ready to put my face on.

I sat cross legged in front of my mirror with all my toys in front of me, palettes, Primers and brushes.
So I did what any makeup junkie would do I dove right in. If you know anything about me its that I never plan any of my looks, they just happen and what ever colors draw my attention those are the ones I work with.

I got to the point of choosing a crease color, I choose a nice taupe matte shade perfect for a crease/transition shade. No good, it wouldn't blend, so naturally I got nervous, thinking something went wrong with my palette an it dried up. Nope, it spread fine on my hand and felt velvety soft on my finger.

I couldn't figure it out, so I wiped away all traces of what I started and began again this time with a different crease color from a different palette. No good, same result. It felt like I was rubbing fine sand on my linds.

I couldn't figure it out and by  the third try I said, Laurie, Just let it go...

Sometimes our faces or timing isn't right for a full face of makeup and on those days you should pamper your face with a good exfoliator or a nice mask and that is just what I did.

Have you ever had a day where you just couldn't get a look going and had to let it go?

Here is a video of me and my Girl masking it up, enjoy :)

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